Which literary heroine are you?
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Which literary heroine are you?

Find out if you're Jo March, Jane Eyre, Emma Woodhouse or Isabel Archer.

Question 1:What was your childhood like?
Miserable. Everyone was out to get me.
Just fine, but it left me looking for something more.
Happy--I was spoiled rotten and adored by everyone.
Very happy--my parents loved me, my neighbors were nice, and my siblings were my best friends.

Question 2:What's your favorite hobby?
Socializing or shopping.
Reading or writing.
Painting or playing music.

Question 3:Are you a "girly-girl?"
Yes--I'm fragile and ethereal and men adore me.
Definitely--I love to shop, dress up pretty and gab with my girlfriends.
I've never really thought about it. I suppose I'm not, really.
No way--that prissy stuff's not for me!

Question 4:What's your take on men and romance?
Men are so silly! I love to flirt with them and play mind games--it's really amusing.
Men are a mystery to me. But oh, my guy is so...rugged. I'll love him forever, no matter what.
There's no such thing as romance. But a girl's gotta have her man, so you might as well find one you get along with.
They make great pals, but I'm not too sure about this "dating" thing.

Question 5:Do you have lots of friends?
No, not really--I don't like to let people get close.
My best friend is my boyfriend--we're soulmates.
Yes--I know everyone who's anyone!
My siblings are my best friends in the world.

Question 6:How do you get along with parents these days?
We've got a fantastic relationship!
I never even think about my parents any more.
I'm not close with ANY of my relatives, not even my parents, but I kind of wish I was.
Well enough--they've let me take over and run my own show, so I'm happy.

Question 7:What's your dream job?
A teacher.
A famous writer.
A homemaker.
A social planner.

Question 8:Where would you most like to travel for an extended period of time?
France. Paris, most specifically.
I like it where I am, I don't need to travel.
I hear Italy's nice.
Why travel when you could have so much fun partying at home?

Question 9:Your choice of pet?
A nice big dog--maybe a German Shepherd or a Lab.
A little dog--a toy poodle maybe.
Perhaps a cat--one that's beautiful but aloof.
No time for a pet--I've got too many PEOPLE who need me to take care of them.

Question 10:What's your philosophy?
Life is tragic and pointless.
Life can have it's ups and downs, but if you stick to your guns it'll all turn out just right.
Life is great, so live it up!
Life is for living, laughing and loving.

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