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You always wanted to know who you are related to from Creepypasta? Who will read with you all night? Who you would make friends with? Test yourself now!

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Which Creepypasta Watches Over You?

Which Creepypasta Watches Over You?


Which Creepypasta are you?


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392 days ago
NO OFFENSE SLENDERMAN!!!!!!!!! IT'S A PUN!! :( :- :)
392 days ago
WEELLLLL,WHAT a surpise!!!! i got good'ol trendy slendy,slender man
392 days ago
You are not the only one who got Jeff The Killer as a result
874 days ago
nbhgvfcdswdefrghnjhbgvyftcesxazwqesxdcrf tvgybh bruh jeff oml
899 days ago
hello i am going to make a kpop and creepypasta quiz
905 days ago
I got jeff
why do I always get that one in every single dang quiz!?!?!
933 days ago
20% i got ben 20% i got jeff 10% i got slendy 10%smile dog AND 40% I GOT L.J
969 days ago
i got jayson the toy maker i did not know he was shi
1005 days ago
i got JEFF THE KILLER and i'm very happy cuz i really want to become him and i rlly rlly want to meet him and become friends with him and help him kill
1059 days ago
i gt ben drowned i,ll play video games untill i die
1139 days ago
i got lj I'll smile no matter what 😁💀