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So you love you some Creepypasta. Ever wonder which one you're most like? (I mean, you ARE eyeing this quiz! Lol!) Are you Jeff the Killer? Eyeless Jack? How about Ticci Toby or Laughing Jack? There's only one way to find out which is your soul pasta - try this quiz now!

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    Hello, Quiz Taker...Destiny here. Are you ready to take this quiz?
    Hello, Quiz Taker...Destiny here. Are you ready to take this quiz?
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    Me: OHH, JEFFY!
    Jeff: DON'T CALL ME THAT! What do you want?
    Me: Ask the quiz taker a question.
    Jeff: Fine. What's your favorite weapon?
    Me: Of course.
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    Me: EJ! C'MERE!
    EJ: I was eating, but OK. What do you need?
    Me: Ask this quiz taker a question.
    EJ: OK...what's your favorite food?

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    Me: LJ! YOUR TURN!
    Me: Nice question...I'll give you some candy later.
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    Me: Toby! Come ask a question.
    Toby: B-but I d-don't w-want to!
    Me: Pleeeeease?
    Toby: OK...p-please d-don't kill m-me. What's your f-favorite c-color?
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    Favorite movie?
  • 8
    Fave pasta?
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    Almost done!
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    See ya!

Comments (146)


35 days ago
I got Toby! Even if his creator deleted the character, he is still my fav!
68 days ago
Wait.............did you guys....eat them.....*slowly picks up a knife* ReEeEeEeEeEe *chases all the toby ppl*
68 days ago
Tody ppl do you know where all my waffles I just put in the freezer is?..........
68 days ago
Sooooo I did other quizzes and it said I was smile dog and slender man 😐.........cool😄
68 days ago
I took it agin and I got ej cuz I choose kidneys and stuff
68 days ago
I got jeff😑 No fair if you got toby or ej they my favorites ☹️ *sniff sniff*
89 days ago
I got Jeff the killer 😌✨
92 days ago
i got jeff he rocks i also like sally and slender i sometimes see things others don t see like bloo..heh ha
102 days ago
Ticci Toby rocks =)
102 days ago
i got Ticci Toby. so me!
103 days ago
I got Lj, that's fine, I guess.
104 days ago
I got Jeff oof I didn't want him
113 days ago
The creepy thing is Creepypasta could exist cause I’m pretty sure 3 am challenges are real...
113 days ago
I got Jeff... maybe cause I like blood and have to stop myself from playing with knives..... I may be a psychopath...
150 days ago
No oo I got like I don't like clowns they're creepy he hehe creepypasta
156 days ago
Welp I got tobes, that's beautiful. I got the ferret god and he made me the leader.
172 days ago
i got jeff the killer and eyeless jack i mean who is eyeless jack anyway!!
186 days ago
I got Jeff the killer
188 days ago
Why do o always gat jeff on quizzes like this, yes my favorite weapon would be a knife, 2nd favorite color is red, and I like vio- oh god I see it now, 🍦
201 days ago
I got Ej (eyeless Jack) OMG yesh give me ur kidneys!!