What Faction Am I in Divergent?

Do you love Divergent a LOT, and wonder what Divergent faction you would be in? Are you selfless (Abnegation), intelligent (Erudite), brave (Dauntless), honest (Candor) or peaceful (Amity)? Take this quiz now to find out! Please share with friends who also love this - thank you!

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    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?
    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?

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Im 20 % in all factions 😊
2 days ago
Unclear .........40% DAUNTLESS and 40% Abnegation.....The 2 factions I love the most!
2 days ago
All my life I've been Abnegation...I don't want to lose my family but I know I will regret not choosing DAUNTLESS cus I'm brave AF
3 days ago
mine is unclear... 32% erudite and 30% amity
3 days ago
Who needs cheese or a knife when you can take the plate?
5 days ago
dauntless 40% idk the rest but i’m def dauntless but if i have to save others above myself my dumba*s would do it
12 days ago

30% Erudite! You are quite intelligent. You are likewise very curious, and like to analyze problems and answer questions.

30% Candor! You always strive to tell the truth. You love a good debate and are not afraid to speak your mind
17 days ago
60% Erudite and 40% Abnegation
20 days ago
80% Amity, not sure about the other 20% but hey, it doesn't really matter. I'm choosing it tomorrow anyway, I just hope it won't hurt too much when I put my blood on the earth.
32 days ago
Certificate: Test results
What Faction Am I in Divergent?
1001For 50% you are: Ready for your result? You are Amity! You are peaceful and always happy. You have many friends. You are pretty much anti-violence. I hope you like your test result. Since you're usually happy, I think you probably will. Now - please make your friends happy by sharing this test!
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That’s what I said but what’s my other 50%?
32 days ago
Erudite 80% Dauntless 20%
33 days ago
I got 30% everything except dauntless
38 days ago
i‘m 40% candor
39 days ago
I got 20% in all of the factions, but my scores weren't clear.
42 days ago
40% Dauntless and 40% Erudite. My "results were unclear." Does that mean Divergent?? Also, what is the other 20%?
42 days ago
Alex, my score said that as well. I guess that means our results were inconclusive. We are Divergents. :)
42 days ago
30% Dauntless and 30% Erudite. What about the other 40%...Am I a Divergent?? Honestly, I sort of hope I am. I want to be considered "Genetically Pure." Lol
51 days ago
Candor thru and thru!!!!!
I knew from the start
56 days ago
Lol i got 40% amity and 40% erudite.. not sure about the other 20% so maybe divergent?
62 days ago
I am 40% Erudite. Am i a divergent? I haven’t got gene 🧬 problems.