What Faction Am I in Divergent?

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Do you love Divergent a LOT, and wonder what Divergent faction you would be in? Are you selfless (Abnegation), intelligent (Erudite), brave (Dauntless), honest (Candor) or peaceful (Amity)? Take this quiz now to find out! Please share with friends who also love this - thank you!

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    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?
    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?

Comments (357)


3 days ago
i got dauntless and amity how is this possible
8 days ago
I got dauntless. I'm glad. my sister would think it doesn't make since how I got it because she don't care what choices i would make in the test
11 days ago
I got Dauntless and Erudite
14 days ago
Not me getting amity but i would be so unhappy there.. like i understand why i could be there, but the color, the work, the people and atmosphere would make me AGGRESSIVE after some sort of time XDDD idk what i am cause i am a very weird person with a unclear personality, but i can not be happy 24/7 and be nice to everyone even if they were bad to me ??? Idkkkkk im not that honest either (most of the time i say my opinion but judt to close friends, not strangers) i dont wanna help my whole life, i am not that smart (im intelligent ngl but not like that yk) and i am not brave? I would be happy in dauntless/it is a nice thought of being there, but i dont fit there from my fighting skills, just with the personality i wish to have and my fashion style. But im not divergent either, because i think im to normal for that?? HAHHAHA OK SORRY
19 days ago
I got Erudite and Dauntless. I was expecting Amity though:-)
21 days ago
I got Abnegation and dauntless this test really discribes me am both selfless
and brave😊😄
23 days ago
I got Erudite; it’s quite reasonable, I’ve got that answer multiple times on tests however I still feel I may also fit in Candor and Abnegation. I may not be the most transparent person ever but I’m pretty open and selfless I guess...
29 days ago
I got divergent bc it wasn’t clear I was between amity and candor-
29 days ago
i got dauntless *confused
31 days ago
I got Amity. I get it a lot because I'm creative and love my friends/family.
31 days ago
Certificate: Test results
What Faction Am I in Divergent?
1001For 30% you are: Ready for your result? You are Dauntless! You are very brave, and no fear ever stands in your way! I hope you are pleased with your test result, O Fearless One! Now, are you brave enough to share this test with your friends, knowing one of them could be even MORE dauntless than you?
23% of 190934 quiz participants had this profile!

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: Ready for your result? You are Erudite! You are quite intelligent. You are likewise very curious, and like to analyze problems and answer questions. I hope you like your test result. I am sure you'll cautiously question its accuracy at first, however.

Your score wasn't clear.

Or even this one:
For 30% you are: Ready for your result? You are Candor! You always strive to tell the truth. You love a good debate and are not afraid to speak your mind. I hope you like your test result - but if you don't, I'm sure you'll tell me so in no uncertain terms! I would bet money on it!
36 days ago
I got erudite 40% what is the other 69%?
41 days ago
im always dauntless in these things, and well i guess i act dauntless irl too so yh
43 days ago
I got Amity and I am happy with it,
44 days ago
Yeah...this is weird. I got dauntless - 50%. I was expecting erudite or amity.
47 days ago
i got divergent!!! I was equally in every faction lol
51 days ago
ok. I got 30% dauntless and 30% erudite and 30%candor. They sai my score wasn't clear and I am frustrated, I get this only like every test.
59 days ago
Wow. Dauntless. That was unexpected
64 days ago
i got 80% dauntless so what's the other 20%.... i have taken it more then once same answer.
64 days ago
I got 30% erudite, what's the other 70%