What Faction Am I in Divergent? Quiz - Take this test now!

Society in Divergent is separated into five factions. At sixteen, everyone has to decide which faction they will devote their lives to. Where do you belong? Are you selfless (Abnegation), intelligent (Erudite), brave (Dauntless), honest (Candor) or peaceful (Amity)? Take this Divergent personality test now to find out! Please share with friends who also love this - thank you!

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    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?
    Tomorrow is your aptitude test! How do you feel?

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6 days ago
yo where all the brothas at
6 days ago
NEWS ALERT: corey bon is allegedly racist, saying the "N-Word". i am shocked
6 days ago
who wanna run duos on warzone later
6 days ago
yo abel you are so cool
6 days ago
Ye cuz lets hop on the game
42 days ago
anthony wsp do you wanna hop on fort later
49 days ago
yurrrrrrrrr dis anthony
508 days ago
So im divergent? I got 50% Erudite
512 days ago
Every Test I take I’m dauntless. It’s great
548 days ago
I am Dauntless! is greats, I am brave.
560 days ago
I guess i'm divergent? I got 30% dauntless and 30% amity. What about the rest?? It should tell us our full percents.
586 days ago
I got 40% erudite but I didn’t tell me the other 60%
602 days ago
I'm 80% dauntless. Yay!!!!!!!!!!
609 days ago
I'm 50% Abnegation!!! But I love four is so cute!!!!🥰
616 days ago
Dauntlessss brooooo my hp is 😻 Gryffindor do i guess its accurate haha
654 days ago
I rly need to stop taking quizzes rply if feel same way
654 days ago
Tbh so happy that i got eruidite it's like the divergent ravenclaw which btw is my hp house
677 days ago
30% Abnegation & Erudite
679 days ago
dauntless and erudite i guess it's good -- i feel like it's gryffindor and ravenclaw hahaha
694 days ago
I got 30 percent Abnegation, 30 percent Amity, and 30 percent Candor. Guess I'm Divergent. But Out of those options, I would pick Candor