The Divergent Aptitude Test

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This test will prove what faction you belong in Divergent. Are you a Candor, a Dauntless, a Erudite, an Amity or an Abnegation. Take the test and find out for yourself.

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    What Colour Do You Normally Wear?
    What Colour Do You Normally Wear?

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982 days ago
Well Then
70% Dauntless
10% Erudite
10% Abnegation
10% Candor
0% Amity
1154 days ago
Im soo happy with what I got! I got 70% Amity and 30% Abnegation.
1164 days ago
30% Candor
30% Amity
20% Abnegation
20% Eruidite
0% Dauntless

I’m totally divergent for all except dauntless
1179 days ago
so apparently I'm 100% dauntless...
1197 days ago
50 dauntless
20 erudite
20 abnegation
10 candor
0 amity...

So divergent
1221 days ago
40% Dauntless
30% Abnegation
10% Erudite
10% Amity
10% Candor
1222 days ago
70% Dauntless
10% Candor
10% Erudite
10% Abnegation
0% Amity
1278 days ago
lol 50% dauntless and 50%amninaty lol i am on chapter 5 on insurgent book 2lol 50% dauntless and 50%amninaty lol i am on chapter 5 on insurgent book 2lol 50% dauntless and 50%amninaty lol i am on chapter 5 on insurgent book 2
1338 days ago
70% erudite 20% dauntless 10% candor 0% abnegation and amity.
True I'm smart, kinda braveish, honest? When I need to be. selfless? NOPE! nice kind person definitely NOPE!
1496 days ago
Looks like I'm a Erudite. Okay. So, I'm evil and smart? Good to know.
1604 days ago
So I’m truss my results are abnegation erudite and dauntless
1604 days ago
Wow good test also love the books omg I want Tobias sorry tris
1614 days ago
1624 days ago
Please don't try to kill me cause you will get hurt
1624 days ago
Let's just face it. I am divergent! I got all five.
2115 days ago
Certificate: Test results
The Divergent Aptitude Test
For 40 % you are: You Are Dauntless. You Are Brave, Fearless And Free.
41 % of 1924 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 20 % you are: You Are Erudite. You Are Really Smart And Always Looks For A Challenge. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: You Are Candor. You Are Honest And Truthful, you Never Lie. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You Are Abnegation. You Are Selfless And Always Think Of Others. You Like To Help The Factionless. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You Are Amity. You Are Kind And Peaceful. Profile E

Take this quiz: The Divergent Aptitude Test

Exactly what my friends say
2170 days ago
I was divergent though and though
2174 days ago
I got 70% Dauntless,20% Abnegation,and 10% Amity.Im SO happy I got mostly Dauntless!I knew what all of the answers lead to though.:l
2195 days ago
i got 60% dauntless and 20% candor and 10 % abnegation and 10% erudite i guess iam more of divergent than i thought and i love it
2260 days ago
I got 20% for everything