Divergent: Which faction do I belong in?

Divergent is a story about people who get sorted into factions depending on their one great strength.
Are you smart like Erudite, honest like Candor, selfless like Abnegation, kind like Amity, or brave like Dauntless?
What if you have more than one of those qualities? Then you might be Divergent!
Take the test to find out!

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    Despite the evaluation of every citizen, they all get to choose their faction in the end. Which faction would you like to be in?

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361 days ago
30% Dauntless
30% Erudite
20% Candor
10% Abnegation
10% Amity
since i tied between dauntless and erudite i think im divergent
379 days ago
30% Abnegation and Dauntless
20% Erudite
10% Candor and Amity

I am divergent…(I guess) The results literally told me my score wasn’t clear!😂
395 days ago
20%for candor ,amity and erudite
0% abnegation
soooooooo i guess i'm kinda divergent?
501 days ago
20% abnegation
20% erudite
20% candor
20% dauntless
20% amity
soo i'm divergent but i would choose dauntless as my faction so i'm shocked i didn't get more dauntless
620 days ago
30% dauntless and abnegation
20% erudite
10% candor
0% amity
690 days ago
0% Candor which is true lol
10% Amity '-'
20% Abnegation tru also
30% Erudite okok big brain
40% Dauntless Obviously
699 days ago
30% Dauntless
30% Erudite
20% Candor
20% Abnegation
0% Amity
711 days ago
Abnegation 40%
Erudite 30%
Candor 10%
Amity 10%
Dauntless 10%
I should have been 0% for dauntless and a higher percentage for amity and candor
749 days ago
I got 40% erudite 40% dautless (lets go) and 20% candor (lol)
764 days ago
Dauntless 40%
Abnegation 30%
Erudite 10%
Candor 10%
Amity 10%

Is this Divergent? I honestly kinda hope so.
I chose "Don't pick me" because it was the only option that had a lowercase p (which is how it was spelled in the actual question.)
794 days ago
50% Dauntless
20% Erudite
20% Amity
10% Candor
0% Abnegation
801 days ago
My 10th grade Sociology Instructor classified me as a nonconformist. Apparently, based on my test results... She was correct.

Test results from the top:

803 days ago
I got 30% Candor and Abnegation and I am definitely Not selfless or anything like that
875 days ago
30% candor 20% amity 20% abnegation 20% dauntless 10% erudite
but i am more smart than honest and not that kind
881 days ago
*Am I the only one who took 100% to all of them?
881 days ago
Am I the only one who took 100% at all?
882 days ago
30% Dauntless 30% Amity 20% Abnegation 20% Candor 0% Erudite
Seems like im quite dumb (im not D:
891 days ago
I got: 50% Erudite, 20% Abnegation, 20% Dauntless, 10% Candor and a 0% for Amity I’m quite happy with the resultshowever some questions were a waste of time and extremely random. Quite disappointing really,like, who asks “Pick the answer that says ‘pick me’”??
904 days ago
30% Abnegation
20% Candor
20% Dauntless
20% Amity
10% Erudite
911 days ago
For 40% I got Dauntless
For 30% i got Amity
For 20% i got Candor
For 10% I got Abnegation
For 0% I got Erudite