Which Dork Diaries Character Are You?

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This is for all the Dork Diaries fans out there! Please don't be upset if you getting someone you don't like, it's only for fun! Please make sure to fill in all the boxes!

  • 1
    It's FINALLY the weekend! What do you have planned?
  • 2
    You just found $10 from your last babysitting job in your jean pocket, what do you spend it on?
  • 3
    What's your opinion on McKenzie?

  • 4
    You see some CCPs making fun off Marcy. You:
  • 5
    Which is your favorite movie?
  • 6
    Describe your style:

  • 7
    Summarise your life in one word
  • 8
    Your bestie (s) is/are:
  • 9
    What's your most precious possession?
  • 10
    You most hate:

Comments (13)


358 days ago
I got Chloe, and though I’ve never read the book you’re talking about, I do love books and the name Chloe!
685 days ago
i got chloe :( i wanyed to be nikki because shes the only good one
695 days ago
I'm a true Leo at heart, like Nikki. So, I'm truly Nikki Maxwell! I'm also truly Briana! I only am 7 years old though, I have read every book in my parents library! I'm also very responsible, and get embarrassed a lot like Nikki. I am still a kid, so Briana fits me too! So I'm Bikki? I don't know. Reply to my comments what you think I am. Zoey is my sister Aloe, and Mackenzie is my other sister, Hermione.

Meggy Sonnet
858 days ago
I'm Chole! Totes correct! meh freend took this with me over skype and she's zoe!
1090 days ago
I got brianna
1090 days ago
I am ZOE! yay
1090 days ago
Lol I got MacKenzie
1099 days ago
Nice quiz i got Chloe
1103 days ago
Nice I am Brianna! Woop woop!
1103 days ago
Sweet! I got McKenzie! She's actually my fav
1103 days ago
I ♡ this quiz, please take!
1103 days ago
Omg I got nikki! Yay!
1103 days ago
Cool I am Chloe! She's my favourite!