Which Keeper of the Lost Cities Character Am I? Quiz

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Are you more like Keefe? Dex? Or Sophie? Biana, maybe? Perhaps Fitz? If you really love Keeper of the Lost Cities (why else would you be looking at this quiz?) you probably have an idea of who you WANT to be - but who ARE you? Try my 'Keeper of the Lost Cities characters' quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Which describes your personality best?
    Which describes your personality best?
  • 2
    What talent would you prefer to have?
  • 3
    Which of these is your best feature?

  • 4
    Which activity do you like best?
  • 5
    Which blue do you like best?
  • 6
    Which of these hair colors do you like best?

  • 7
    Which is your favorite adult?
  • 8
    Who is your favorite councilor?
  • 9
    Who do you want to get?
  • 10
    Is it your favorite show?

Comments (235)


852 days ago
I did the test again and got Biana! So i'm Fitz and Biana cool
852 days ago
Seriously how does that make him the best?

I know I wish Kotlc was real, it would be so dope
852 days ago
Yeah I totally agree sophie

It would be so cool if we could get presents at the end of the year!
855 days ago
ha ha true good point can;t decide between sofitz and team foster k

DECIDE PEOPLE DECIDE but think who worse keefe ran off with the neverseen like how does that make him da best huh

what did fitz do to get so much hate

yes keefe is cute but fitz is cuter !☺️
i wish he was real

btw im a girl manifest as a telepath yay and i wish i was sophie because she got the best life ever well not the kidnapping part. i want a end of the school year presents just like foxfire like come on people make that happen plz plz plz plz ......!!!!!!
855 days ago
Why's everybody hating on Fitz? He's not that bad and keefe he's okay, like what's so great about him? He makes some really stupid choices sometimes, so like there equally knuckleheads
855 days ago
I got Fitz? I wanted Biana or sophie there the boom!
856 days ago
I wanted Biana and I GOT FITZ not that he isn't cool. (But in all honesty I would date Keefe.) Also why would they give meh FITZ IS A GIRL! Oh week I still like this site. (BTW, I manifested as a FROSTER!!! I love meh per.Also meh code name would be ELSA,..............

859 days ago
why does every one hate fitz he da best . what makes it worse is my name is fitz in real life. thx for making my life misrable
863 days ago
I LOVE this book series and I sit down to read for 30 minutes and it turns into 2 hours. Oh and BTW Foster Keefe will win wether you like it or not Fitz Vacker!
864 days ago
Its team foster Keefe,because it says so in the book.I'M a superfan
864 days ago
Took it again and got DEX,(Thankfully cause I absolutely wish Fitz wasn't in the book) Also TEAM FOSTER KEEFE FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!
865 days ago
Team foster keefe and i got fitz
865 days ago
i have the lastet book it supper good
874 days ago
sokeefe is da best and will always prevelale!
875 days ago
875 days ago
which one is better?

(p.s the answer is sofitz, so......... )
877 days ago
im a fricken girl and got fitz! ugh
878 days ago
Ready for your result? You are Fitz! Some people think that you are perfect all the time, but you and I both know there is much more to you than all those wonderful surface things. Maybe you're afraid to let your imperfections show because you can't bear to be criticized?
885 days ago
i got fitz i wanted sophie
886 days ago
I got Keefe, he is my favorite character