Are you part of The Council, The Black Swan or the Neverseen?

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Which one are you?

  • 1
    What would you do if you were outcast for your ability and told you can’t practice it?
  • 2
    You’ve gone through a traumatic experience. What do you do.
  • 3
    Your friend is hurt. What do you do?

  • 4
    Your going against an enemy. What do you do?
  • 5
    Do you use people’s flaws against them in an argument? Be honest.
  • 6
    Your going against another rebel group. What will you do?

  • 7
    Who do you think is a better leader( based on knowledge not opinion)
  • 8
    Which one do you want to be part of.
  • 9
    Who do you look up to for fighting tactics?
  • 10
    Which group would you go to if you needed to join one to survive.

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54 days ago
So glad I’m not council tho
54 days ago
I’m 33% neverseen but what is their point? To cause world havoc? Black swan want to bring back peace
54 days ago
I like sokeefe BUT fitz was made for Sophie they deserve to be together and we all have to agree that sophitz sounds WAY better than sofeefe
54 days ago
I love the black swan, but they do some preeeety dumb stuff but the neverseen is worse I agree with grace the outspoken I mean it's like the black swan only have sophie but then they also won't tell her everything (sorry if I'm getting details mixed up im in the middle of rereading it for the third time but I haven't read it in forever) but the neverseen they practice their tactics for a looooong time and they train there members but they are kinda harsh so I'm fifty-fifty
54 days ago
i love the black swan yes but they do some preeeety awful stuff but the neverseen is worse
54 days ago
I'm the black swan! I'm also kinda neverseen and hey I'm not gonna fight it I am EVIL but mostly I'm nice this test was pretty good except for some super obvious questions
ex: who do you want to be part of?
black swan
those questions r stupid and ruin the quiz
62 days ago
did you get black swan keefessister
63 days ago
67 days ago
i cannot believe i got the neverseen. black swan all the way
67 days ago
I'm a part of the Neverseen?! NO WAY! I cannot believe it!! Black Swan all the way!
222 days ago
why do I feel like I'm the only person who ships Sophitz even though Sophie and Fitz are obviously made for each other???????
222 days ago
I am the black swan!!! happy 'cause the council 😍and the neverseen are awful, but I do feel like the black swan have problems
234 days ago
wow. 50% Neverseen, 50% Black Swan. I think the Black Swan has ethics, but they get in the way. The council is 🐤 MESSED UP like really. The Neverseen might have no morals whatsoever, but they get things done. I wouldn't go for them for survival, they'd probably kill me. So, yeah. I am in a 🐤 PREDICAMENT.
250 days ago
TBH the Neverseen is the best to me. The Black swan keep failing, the Council adores EXILE and MEMORY BREAKS, and the Neverseen keep winning most of their fights so yeah, Neverseen. If they weren't the villains ithey could be much better represented especially because most of the books are in Sophie Foster the Special Snowflake's point of view, so if we had a more objective POV (like maybe Glimmer), the Black Swan and the Council would be seen as the bad guys as the Council is just plain evil and abuses their powers on innocents (Example: Prentice , Tam, Linh). The Black Swan relies on Sophie their special little moonlark so if she died they would be hopeless. The Neverseen on the other hand is very careful and trains their members in actually HELPFUL things.
Uh-oh, did I just rant? Sorry. Anyway, I got 80% Neverseen.
323 days ago
370 days ago
I am 50% black Swen but i don’t know the other 50%.
485 days ago
Tbh, I would go to the Neverseen for survival, they've been practicing to rebel for their Tbh, I would go to the Neverseen for survival, they've been practicing to rebel for their freedom to use their abilities, it's not their fault that one person did something to ruin that for them. The Black Swan is just a little gang with no idea what they're up against, they don't even know too much what the Neverseen has to deal with, and the council is the second best because they have a defense with intelligent species (so do the Neverseen), as well as they can control their abilities almost perfectly. The council also has like there biggest weapon, Grady with his Mesmer ability. So the Black Swan is bad at survival, the Council might survive, but I say Neverseen all the way. And if you think that this is because I got Neverseen, it's not. My first result was 60% Neverseen, but with a minor tweak, I'm also 40% Black Swan and 40% Council.
So if you agree with me Neverseen all the way, just put any eye emoji on here (by using Unicode, the most popular way is by doing shift+ctrl+u and typing the Unicode (1f441 is the one I use))
👁 👁
485 days ago
I was 40& Blackswan and Council, I'm in a predicament with Sophie's fave council member (forgot his name)
535 days ago
I got black swan first and neverseen second time a huge jolie predicament
588 days ago
dang it i got the neverseen there just a mob of stupid 💑