Which KOTLC character are you? (girls only)

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  • 1
    What color are your eyes?
  • 2
    What color is your hair?
  • 3
    Which of these characteristics matches your personality the most?

  • 4
    Which one of these characteristics matches your personality the most? (again)
  • 5
    Which one of these abilities would you like to have the most?
  • 6
    What would you be doing on a Friday night?

  • 7
    Do you have any siblings?
  • 8
    Which one of these letters doe your name start with? (if your name doesn't start with any of these, then pick your favorite one)
  • 9
    Which one of these is your favorite pet?
  • 10
    Who do you want to be?

Comments (19)


40 days ago
Alright alright I got marella nice btw WHY IS THERE NO KEEFE KEEFE IS AWESOME (but I do know he's not a girl But still)
68 days ago
I got Marella, I agree with the small, hold your own, very confident part- that's like me... I wanted to get Sophie though. On another website I got Biana.
110 days ago
I did the test again and got Biana! I'm nothing like her, I'm a tomboy!!!!!
135 days ago
I got Linh.I kinda do have the weird name. I am actually more of a pyrokinetic but she is quite cool.So,Yay!
185 days ago
I got Marella but I am more of a Sophie.
191 days ago
omg YESSSS I GOT MARELLA!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!! why is everyone sad when they get her? She is awesome!!! overall good test, but like KotLC mega fan said, people can just choose the one they want to be, but I am like marella because Im blonde with kind of ice blue eyes and I'm snarky and awesome soooo yay!!! :D
205 days ago
You are Linh! You are a powerful Hydrokinetic. You went to Atlantis, and you lost control of your powers, so you flooded Atlantis, and ended up in Exillium, a school for banished children. But luckily you have your twin brother, Tam, with you. In the Elvin world, twins are not considered good, and your parents tried to say that you and Tam were different ages. So you are not on good terms with your parents.

OK, this quiz was actually not bad, but these kinds of quizes are always very obvious about which answer choice is which character. So if you really want to be a certain character, you can sabotage it by only selecting the answer choice for the same character. Also, if I had a special ability, I'd want to be either a Vanisher, Hydrokinetic, or Telepath, sooo....yeah.
205 days ago
I got linh!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
207 days ago
I always get Lihn, lol. I guess it's because I'm kinda shy and I have 1 sibling (not a twin, LOL!). But I don't really think Lihn is shy, or that she ever was honestly. Truth be told, I think Lihn is an extrovert. Yes, she was quiet at Exillium because she had to be lol, but I definitely don't think that's her personality...although maybe I'm wrong.
207 days ago
I got sophie wohoooo
209 days ago
I got Sophie! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜
210 days ago
I got Marella yayyyyyyyyyy!!! I โค๏ธ her so much
237 days ago
i just got lihn
295 days ago
I did the test again still Marella.......:(
295 days ago
Awwww, I wanted Linh but I got Marella to.............
296 days ago
im marella booooooooo
323 days ago
I'm Linh
417 days ago
I got Marella! yay yay yay yay yay!
537 days ago
Yep, I got Marella. Sheโ€™s my fourth favorite...