What Keeper of the Lost Cities Ability Do You Have?🧊

If you're a big fan of Keeper of the Lost Cities, I'm almost positive you've wondered which ability you possess! Take this quiz now to find if you are one of my personal favorites - empath, hydrokinetic, telepath, flasher or shade (sorry, I could only choose five!). Try it now! Hope you get your favorite and please share my test with your fellow KotLC fans!

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    Which of the elements do you prefer?
    Which of the elements do you prefer?

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5 days ago
This test is not accurate. I'm the exact opposite of the description.
62 days ago
I’m a shade honestly, makes sense still I also wish I was a vanisher so I could be invisible
80 days ago
83 days ago
Yessss hydrokinetic!!!!!!!
83 days ago
87 days ago
Whoooo HYDROKINETIC in da house
111 days ago
"Say it with me: KEEFE KEEFE KEEFE!!!"
119 days ago
I wanted to be a technopath wahhh. Oh well I guess being a telepath is also pretty cool too.
137 days ago
Hi! I got HYDROKINESIS WOO HOO!!! I'm super exited!
I have some Keefe quotes for you all....

"Wait, you did not just insult the hair"

"I'm batman so I could be your hero any day."

"Wait, is Foster saying she thinks were hot?"

"I never thought I needed a stuffed animal to sleep with before, Though I never knew I needed a lot of things before I met you"

Well, that's that
Cya Keeper fans 😃
140 days ago
I love team foster-keefe! Sokeefe forever! I really wish I was Sophie though...
140 days ago
I'm a empath! Keefe Sencen is the best! Fitz Vacker is the worst.
161 days ago
I'm a shade!!!! I love this skill because it is so diverse. It also surprises me a bit because I'm actually exactly the opposite of Tam.
172 days ago
I'm an empath and polyglot!
180 days ago
And I got dru roll please…(1) EMPATH (2) HYDRONIC
I ship Sophie and Keefe team Keefster or FOSTER-KEEFE

Btw I read the whole series twice and try to guess how young I am
201 days ago
I got telpath and the paragraph went on fovever
209 days ago
I got empath. Now I’m life Keefe team Foster Keefe!
217 days ago
Dude, I got empath. And woah, the creator went on and on and on about it. Bruh. And they spelled lumenaria wrong. the creator was okay, but still. You need waaaaaay more answers. So yeah. At least I can have something in common with Keefe! Go foster-keefe! Wish I were Sophie though...
223 days ago
I got 100% telepath. Didn't say that I got anything else. has anyone else ever thought that these might be true? Like, when you become older you'll get that ability? I've written a 56 chaptered fan-fic book about what it would be like if I did have a special ability.
253 days ago
I got shade and telepath, but I don't think it's accurate for 2 reasons.
1. I've taken about a dozen other quizzes, and I haven't gotten the same result twice.
2. In the lost cities, it does not matter what your personality is, abilities are completely random.
256 days ago
30% empath 30% shade didnt tell me the rest :(