What Keeper of the Lost Cities Ability Do You Have?🧊

Have you ever wondered whether you can control wind like a guster? Or read minds like a telepath? Or maybe enhance people's natural abilities? You can find out which Keeper of the Lost Cities ability you possess by taking this simple 'What is your KotLC ability?' quiz! Share with friends to see how you compare!

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    Which of the elements do you prefer?
    Which of the elements do you prefer?

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6 hours ago
So I retook it, and, the only answer….. I have the forbidden ability. I am a pryokinetic.
6 hours ago
So I’m mostly….. Talentless. But at the end, it said I was a flasher…. Weird.
16 days ago
Wait… Am I a telepath or a technopath?! I got 33%
16 days ago
I love how there isn't a 'no, not at all' answer for the do you think this will be accurate question.
22 days ago
For 33% you are: You don't have a special ability, but excel at talents that all elves have like, telekinesis, night vision, breath regulation, body temperature regulation, hunger control and levitating. People look down on you, but you are actually in the special percent of elves that don't manifest. At least you don't have to risk your life for the council.

You are a guster! You can control wind, an element. Most people don't respect the ability, but it can be useful for self defense and sneaking around. Not many people have the guster ability, but it is still more common than telepathy or empathy.
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For 33% you are: You are a telepath! You can read minds! Telepaths are very rare and the council has very valuable telepath positions on the emissionary status! Like most abilities, telepathy has a downside - you have to have permission to enter someone's mind unless you're on assignment. Some telepaths include Sophie, Fitz, Tiergan, and Alden, but there are others out there!

You are a technopath! You have a way with technology and machines. Many technopaths are shy and introverted people who spend lots of time on their own. Some technopaths include Tinker and Dex.
23 days ago
I got Technopath and Telepath which is 100% right and I chose water to see if I got a Hydrokinetic but I didn't so ya
25 days ago
I took this quiz before and I got hydrokinetic and froster now I made my sister take the quiz and she got a guster and a shade so this quiz was 100% accurate!
34 days ago
I'm Part Telepath and Part Technopath! :D I'm really happy bc I wanted both of these!!
44 days ago
I got a bit Empath, a bit Shade, a bit of Fire power(Don`t blame me! I`m pretty firey!) I`m looking forward to burning my enemies!
49 days ago
I got froster and hydrokinetic. I really like the water but I might like to be a telepath or empeth better
58 days ago
I am a telepath I am proud of my self because I am Sophie and the other queso which character I am and I’m salty because I’m a telepath
59 days ago
Hydrokinetic and Froster for me! Was hoping for pyrokinetic though.
67 days ago
Im a hydrokinetic and froster the first time it was telepath and technopath im obviously proud of hydrokinetic
73 days ago
i am either talentless but amazing at all skills or a guster. Apparently being a guster is a very less respected talent?
74 days ago
I did it twice first phyproenic second telepath and technopath
92 days ago
im a talentless until im 14. then im a guster!
99 days ago
omg i took the test and i had two very rare abiltys telpath and a shade huh cool but this is like the best quiz
99 days ago
103 days ago
Oop my name is maybe!! I got a telepath and technopath!!
103 days ago
I got froster and hydrokinetic!! I’m happy with that honestly