What Keeper of the Lost Cities Ability Do You Have?🧊

If you're a big fan of Keeper of the Lost Cities, I'm almost positive you've wondered which ability you possess! Take this quiz now to find if you are one of my personal favorites - empath, hydrokinetic, telepath, flasher or shade (sorry, I could only choose five!). Try it now! Hope you get your favorite and please share my test with your fellow KotLC fans!

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    Which of the elements do you prefer?
    Which of the elements do you prefer?

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6 days ago
You are a shade! You can control shadows (shadowvapor) and can sense where someone is hiding by reading their shadow vapor. In my opinion, shades aren't as popular as you should be because the elves believe in light more than they do darkness.

Gurl so shady! Its kind of ironic since some people would call me a shady person! lmao
14 days ago
I am SO HAPPY because I got drum roll please..... EMPATH
23 days ago
38 days ago
You are a hydrokinetic! You can move and control water around you! It is a very cool ability that can be overwhelming at times. Linh Song is a fellow hydrokinetic, and is very shy and kind, just like water is to all living things.

Cool i love Lihn she is my favorit Charakter!

@Giny Ruewen i love team Foster-Keefe to, give five.

Best Regards Salome

Ps. Sorry for my bad English, nut i cam from Germany.
51 days ago
Just Mesmer and Pyrokonetic to have is SOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOL
51 days ago
Emmm Sophie and Fitz a so 🤮 together
51 days ago
53 days ago
I got Empath!!!!! We all love Keefe here, he's the best. One time me and my friend each chose what each other's abilities would be, and she's an Inflictor and I'm a Mesmer. Mesmer is my fave ability bc of that
69 days ago
Oops ignore the undefined
69 days ago
wait a minute... I know you are thinking about cows
72 days ago
I got EMPATH!!!
This is so true. I am a real-life empath. IT'S SO WEIRD!!!
79 days ago
Focus on your right to set things right such that no one has any difficulty at first sight.
79 days ago
Never could get by with just one .
91 days ago
I had Telepath. And just for Information: KEEFE IS THE BEST ONE!! and Fitz is....not my Fav
102 days ago
On this website I was 50% telepath and this other one I got telepath too. Also Sophitz or here’s a new one Fitzie??
124 days ago
Its not mah name its sophie and tam cuz it rules btw im a shade
125 days ago
I got empath! Go Sokeefe!!!
126 days ago
I got an empath and sokeefe is the best ship
170 days ago
imma talentless elf!
sokeefe is amazing
191 days ago
i'm using teal for a reason ppl