Which of the March sisters from "Little Women" are you most like?
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Which of the March sisters from "Little Women" are you most like?

Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy? Take this fun quiz and see which sister you most identify with!

Question 1:   When you were younger, you would most likely be found:
Playing "boy" games such as tag or sword fighting
Playing house
Playing with dolls

Question 2:   What is your dream job?
To be a great writer and travel
To raise a wonderful family in a beautiful home
I want to be an excellent artist!
I wish to help out the less fortunate

Question 3:   Which of these character traits are most like you?

Question 4:   How do you wear your hair?
I always style my hair according to the latest fashions!
I like to experiment with different styles
I keep it looking sophisticated in a bun
I usually just leave it down or tie it back.

Question 5:   What would you do if your aunt died and her beautiful mansion was your inheritance?
I would turn it into an orphanage
I will be marrying well, of course, so the mansion would be our home!
The practical thing to do would be to sell it
I would start up a school for any child who wanted to learn

Question 6:   What is your style?
Girlie and trendy

Question 7:   What do you look for in a guy?
Money, money, money...and good looks would be nice too!
He would have to appreciate books
A man who is kind and serious
Someone who is down to earth

Question 8:   Would you want to attend a ball in the 1850s?
Yes. It does feel nice to dress up once in a while.
A ball? How horrifying! I wouldn't know what to do or say.
No thanks. I don't care much for gossip and flirting.
Handsome guys, amazing dresses, good food, dancing--I was born to attend balls!

Question 9:   What is your true beauty?
My face is my best feature
The only thing that I am concerned about is my nose. It just doesn't have the proper shape. Ugh!
My hair...so people tell me!
My personality. Looks are sooo superficial!

Question 10:   What is your worst nightmare?
What an odd question!
I would be horrified if I lost my books.
To be stuck in a room full of strangers.
To be poor, plain and hungry.

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