Which 'Ella Enchanted' Character Are You?
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Which 'Ella Enchanted' Character Are You?

This is just a little quiz I put together, as you hopefully noticed, because if not, that doesn't say too much about your intelligence, unless you are a bit absent-minded.... blast, rambling again! 'Ella Enchanted' is a book by Gail Levine. I did this just for fun as I was thinking about it for some reason. Yes.

Question 1:You are:
seductive (I can seduce humans to get whatever I desire!)
outspoken (though, it's not my fault!)
greedy (or so I'm told by those most unpleasant wenches with the thick, blonde hair.)
very quiet and shy.
adventurous (although, I do think about home while I'm a way.)

Question 2:What would you say a fault of yours is?
I'm clumsy.
I slide down banisters when no one is looking.
Perhaps I like blood just a little too much, my dearest.
Oh, well, my mother says I'm too modest. *bats eyelashes and twirls hair*
I let people take advantage of me.

Question 3:And what would you say a talent of yours is?
I can sing well.
I can tell you the price of anything!
I have a knack with languages.
I'm a great leader, though it sometimes feels odd giving commands.
I am always able to get what I want, my sweet.

Question 4:When you meet other people...
I try to figure out how I can use them to my advantage.
I seduce them with my sweet, honey voice.
I try to please them to the best of my ability.
We either become great friends, or great enemies.
Politely nod my head when they acknowledge me.

Question 5:When it comes to food, do you have a preference?
Whatever I am served is fine. It doesn't really matter, I'm too busy paying attention to what other people are doing.
Anything but tonic....
Quail eggs, tarts, cream trifle, plum pudding, chocolate bon bons....
I'm not a really picky eater.
Meat. Lots and lots of meat for me, my pretty.

Question 6:Money is....
a little absent from my life, but I don't mind.
something I have, but don't really care about....
of no importance to me.
useful in certain situations, like buying bread when starving, and giving to the poor, and getting horrible people to leave me alone, but other than that....

Question 7:The person very important to you is:
fat.... yummy.
oh, anyone who is a very close friend or family member.
rich, handsome, and has beautiful hair.
someone I hope to date/marry.

Question 8:Tell me a secret about you.
I have horrible hair and wear a wig.
I once talked back to an authority figure.
I'm in love.
I'm big and hairy.
I'm cursed.

Question 9:What is your favorite and/or most important possession?
My family and friends.
My thoughts of a person I love.
A special book an important person gave to me.

Question 10:Say something random:
I love!
Let me devour you!
Gimme money!
Um, like, sing a song?
I want the life I used to have!

Question 11:What do you fear?
Nothing! Mwhahaha!
Singing infront of people.
People telling me to do awful things.
Not pleasing my parents and friends.
Being sick, monsters, drowning, mice, spiders, birds, horses, poison....and people finding out my deep dark secret.

Question 12:And you....
married rich and became the most beautiful person in the world (with amazing hair!)
ate the whole kingdom.
made everyone happy.
saved the kingdom, married the girl/guy of my dreams, and lived happily ever after.
got revenge.... and lived happily ever after.

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