Phantom & St Mungo's University Sorting Exam
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Phantom & St Mungo's University Sorting Exam

Deep in the heart of London, lies a pub called "The Leaky Cauldron" which only magic eyes can see. Behind this establishment lies an alley- Diagon Alley and beyond it a significantly more sinister Knockturn Alley, at the start of there, the tall building of the UK's top magical university stands. Let the exam begin...

Question 1:You witness a theft of a prize dragon. The thief is the love of a dear friend. What would you do?
Report the thief to the Ministry of Magic.
Try to make the thief and friend see sense.
Help them escape with the dragon.

Question 2:You have become involved in a dare to duel against a champion. What are your reactions?
You leap right in and fight with all your strength.
You take the dare if someone else takes your dare to be your second.
You respect the champion's title, and turn down the dare.

Question 3:After studying for a course at the university, you are presented with an appropriate prize for your achievement. Why do you feel you have been given this award?
"I beat off the strongest competition to achieve my goal, and used my strengths to help me."
"I worked very hard and always did my best, so I am a true winner, as I am sure they have given this to the most worthy."
"I took every chance I could to excell, and I was confident that I was making the right decisions."

Question 4:Professor Frost, head professor of the university, has asked every student to fill in a questionnaire to help her produce a report. One question asks: "What do you consider to be your best qualities?"
Self assured, positive.
Law-abiding, humble.
Calm, forward thinking.

Question 5:Another question asks “What do others consider to be your best qualities?”
Faithful, strong
Reliable, caring
Brave, challenging

Question 6:Further down the head professor’s questionnaire is “Do you consider punctuality (being on time) to be:”

Question 7:You are the chair of a debate when the two sides of the debate become heated, and a comment is thrown which is unacceptable. How do you deal with the situation?
Wait to see if there is a return comment then banish the two people from the debate.
Forbid the speakers involved to contribute on the line again, and suggest a change of view on the topic where they can be more sensible in their contributions.
Insist a full apology from the owner of the comment, and that the speakers involved in the last spat of heated debate take a back seat for five minutes before speaking again.

Question 8:You are stranded on a desert island with no wand or ability to apparate or escape magically, but with someone else, what do you do?
Take every chance you have of escaping, using any means, and not necessarily with the other person.
Build a raft and row out to sea.
Devise a joint plan, and escape together.

Question 9:You are short for money, and the careers office offers you three jobs to apply for, which do you apply for first?
Trainee keeper of dragons.
Assistant to a healer.
Junior reporter for the Daily Prophet.

Question 10:Unfortunately the job you choose and get does not suit you. After three months you decide to leave, what are your reasons?
Not challenging enough.
No sense of direction.
Didn’t agree with the ethics (You felt it was doing wrong).

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