Which Xanth character are you?
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Which Xanth character are you?

Are you a bitter old magician or a brute ogre?

Question 1:Who is your best friend?
My books
The once-evil magician Trent
Rapunzel, Bink, and the local foliage
My minions of the world of Nightmares
Stanley, Nada, Electra, Grey--I can't decide

Question 2:Oh, no! The Gap Dragon is coming! You're all alone. What do you do?
Give him a big hug
If I can't talk my way out of it and Fracto isn't nearby, I can just hide under a rock.
Send him the worst dream he could ever have if he threatens to eat me
Stare him down. He's scared of you.
Remind myself that the Gap Dragon is a magic creature

Question 3:Fracto threatens to spoil your plans for the day.
He can't affect me. I am intangible.
I enhance his silver lining
Put him in a bottle.
I find shelter.
Work him up and let him blow himself away.

Question 4:What is better: age or beauty?
Age. I hope to stay at about 100 years forever.
Beauty. Old people turn out like Humphrey and Grandma.
Beauty. It's hard to talk with old things.
Both have advantages. Age brings knowledge, but beauty can bring deception.
I prefer my wife's neutral stage to her pretty one, actually.

Question 5:What is your worst fear?
Ha! I'm the boss when it comes to fear.
Finding out that I'm not real.
My friends or brother would get hurt.
Sometimes, Chester Centaur. Maybe Iris. Could be a new wave.
Losing Rose. Or the Gorgon. Or any of my other wives.

Question 6:Describe yourself.
Loud-mouthed but useful
Just lucky, I guess
Optimistic with a good reason
I'm grumpy. Go away.

Question 7:Describe your significant other.
Which one?
One of a number of fillies
He suffers from Murphy's curse
She's just the right size
I avoid her for one week each month.

Question 8:Which talent is most useful?
One that nobody knows about
Talking with any living thing
A scary one
I don't need one

Question 9:How do you save Xanth?
I get X(a)n^th back
I use the Heaven Cent
I scare any opposition away as it sleeps
I try not to. It just happens.
I hang around with the right people and incidentally get myself involved

Question 10:Describe your decedents?
Triplets are a handful
I don't know them well enough to talk about them.
Creatures of the night, all except for Imbrium.
They're all magician-caliber, oddly enough

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