Which Discworld Character are You?
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Which Discworld Character are You?

Are you a golden king in a guard's armor, or a half-trained wizard with hat proclaiming, "Wizzard"?

Question 1:Who do you feel most comfortable with?
My books and bananas
Angua the werewolf
My bees
The orangutan
Binky the horse

Question 2:Who do you feel the least comfortable with?
Another you.
The one-in-a-million chance. She always pulls through for me.
People who take the books down from the shelves and unchain them. Also, actors who do not include a pie scene into every play deserve to get peanuts whipped at them.
Those who take time out of my crime-fighting schedule. Still, I feel that I can help reform them, and make them responsible, contributing members of society.
No one, really.

Question 3:If you could go anywhere on Discworld, where would you go?
I will go wherever there is an infringement of Justice, or a new guard to swear in, or an Innocent Citizen in trouble!
I like to curl up under my desk with a big blanket and a bunch of bananas
I usually wind up going where I need to go.
At the very bottom of the sea, where there is a beautiful red flower just waiting to die.
Nowhere. Please, gods, just let me stay home just this once! Nooooo!

Question 4:How do you deal with vampires?
Vampires also deserve their rights.
I generally don't deal with them until someone has found a good wooden stake.
I control their minds as they would do to me.
I throw peanuts at them.

Question 5:Who do you consider "your people"?
Good people who buy me drinks and bananas and peanuts.
My bees, and the people of Lancre.
Binky, Albert, Susan, and of course, my new kitten.
The Luggage.
Dwarves. So what if I'm six feet tall?

Question 6:If someone were to throw you off of a very high building, what do you think would happen?
With my luck, I'd survive. Heck, I might even get away unscathed.
I would find a heroic way to land and catch the perpetrator.
I'd grab hold of a nearby gargoyle and climb back up.
Nothing much. I could just walk back. They wouldn't notice, though.
I'd get into the mind of a crow or something so that I could arrange for my own safety.

Question 7:What is the biggest insult someone could hit you with?
NO ONE CALLS ME A "MONKEY"!!!!!!!!!!!!
A "hero."
I don't think "lawn ornament" is very complimentary.
One must have feelings if they are to be hurt.

Question 8:Who is the strangest person you have met?
The Bursar
Cheery Happybottom
The Auditors
The Archchancellor of the UU

Question 9:What is your specialty?
I'm pretty good with a scythe.
Pounding anyone who calls me a monkey.
I can swear in new officers without the need of the book.
Borrowing, and I don't mean money.
Running. I'm quite good at running.

Question 10:Which Discworld animal do you hate the most?
I am terrified by Greebo.
Greebo rapes wolves. I'll vote for him.
I'm going to have to go with Greebo.
Probably Greebo. No cat should smell like that.
Yup, definitely Greebo.

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