What's your M.E. personality?
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What's your M.E. personality?

Ever wonder what character from the ever popular story 'M.E.' by Orodruin you are? No? Didn't think so... But you can find out here!

Question 1:Oh no! Frodo’s sick!
Maybe if I hugged him, he would feel better?
Poor Frodo. Rachel assured me he would be fine though.
Poor Frodo. Hope we get to Rivendell soon.
And I do not think it is because the ladies did not say they liked him.
So? Lucky guy gets to ride on the pony!

Question 2:What’s this?
Yay! A cute, fluffy bunny to hug!
It is ‘what is this’, do I have to correct everyone?
Why it’s a coconut! What could’ve carried a coconut way out here?
Yay! A coconut rock!
Um.. That’s a rock.

Question 3:What do is your opinion of coconut rocks?
I'm just glad I'm not a coconut rock... How would I hug people?
That is just weird. Who ever heard of coconut rocks? Besides the obvious, I mean.
I love coconut rocks! Especially Bethany Coconut Rocks! Or Catti Coconut Rocks…
Don’t remind me, I am glad they lost those things in Moria…
I like coconut rocks- except when they talk to me… They’re very rare.

Question 4:What do you think of Rivendell?
Rivendell was nice. I hope Elrond doesn’t hate us for taking all that stuff…
Elrond likes me more than Sam! Oh, and now I can sort of tell the difference between guy and girl elves!
I liked Rivendell. Lots of Elves. I like Elves.
They had lots of good food in Rivendell! Pip, remind me again, why did I agree to leave?
Rivendell? *rolls eyes* It’s like a whole city of Rachel’s!

Question 5:Physics, anyone?
No! No more about Physics! Please!
Teach me the sacred art of Physics! Please? Before Pippin!
I am well learned in the art of Physics… Where should I start, I know! The rate of gravity is about 9.8 meters/second of course with falling objects you need to factor in air resistance and…
Um… At least I know physics! Yay for the sacred art of Physics!
I was in Physics before I went to Middle Earth… What ‘sacred art of physics’?

Question 6:Maybe they’re in the armory…
I don’t think so Rachel.
No way will I go in there with Rachel! Too many sharp objects…
Yes! Exactly what I was saying! Better go see!
Who? Why would anyone be in the armory in the first place?
Fine, you go there, me and Pip will go back to the kitchens.

Question 7:What do you like to eat?
Anything! As long as it is food I will eat it! Especially mushrooms…
Hee hee hee.. Not that strange punch the hobbits and I mixed up…
Not this strange ‘punch’ the hobbits and Stacey mixed up… It’s weird.
Actually, I kind of like the ‘punch’ Merry and Pippin mixed up!

Question 8:Why did you join the Fellowship?
The prospect of staying with Stacey. Alone. Was too much for me.
I am not really sure. Something about tying me up in a bag if I didn’t.
I didn’t go! Elrond let Rachel and Katy go, but not me! *pouts*
I didn’t, I just followed along ‘cause it sounded like fun at the time… It would be if it weren’t for that slave-driving-ranger… Or wizard, whatever the case may be.
Someone needed to keep my master safe.

Question 9:Who’s sword is best?
I want a sword! How come I don’t get a sword, Elrond?
Katy’s sword.
My Gaffer used to say: A sword’s a sword and that’s all.
Rachel’s sword.
Um… Frodo’s sword is really cool. It glows blue when orcs are near

Question 10:Who’s the star of this story anyway?
Me! Just because I’m only in a few chapters doesn’t mean I’m not the star!
If I say Rachel, will you teach me the sacred art of Physics?
Mr. Frodo of course, he is the one who has got to destroy the Ring.
Probably Rachel… But I’m her co-star!
Me of course!

Question 11:Okay, Last one, Who’s your favorite character from the story?
I like Pippin… Or me. I’m so great!
Anduril or Glamdring or Rachel! What do you mean 'they're not characters'? The Ring is considered a character, so they can be too!
My favorite character? The one who will let me hug him/her?
Boromir or Strider! They are always looking after me and Pip!
Mr. Frodo. He’s so great, he even pretends the ‘ladies’ don’t bother him!

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