Which Character from Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast Trilogy are You?
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Which Character from Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast Trilogy are You?

Find out if you are closest in spirit to Lord Sepulchrave, Dr. Prunesquallor, Cora&Clarice Groan, Lady Fuchsia or Steerpike himself…

Question 1:   What is your favorite color (of these)?
Who cares?

Question 2:   Where do you live?
In my high bedroom with its secret staircase
In my chambers filled with tree roots
In a stone house with a laboratory, in a castle courtyard
It used to be the kitchen…now I’m on the run
In my library amidst the firs

Question 3:   Who do you hate the most?
People who destroy my books
People who get in my way
People who invade my privacy and disrupt my illusions
People who harm my friends
People who steal what’s rightfully mine

Question 4:   Do you like your family?
Passionately, on and off
They are important in a historical sense
They’re tolerable, ha ha
They’ve ruined my life
Don’t have one, don’t want one

Question 5:   What word best describes you?

Question 6:   What clothes do you wear?
Castoffs, whatever fits
Scarlet gowns
Identical purple dresses
A green cloak
Black jacket and pants, glasses

Question 7:   How would you kill someone if you had to?
I’d have to think about it.
Any way I could—drowning, burning, stabbing with my swordstick
Oily rags, matches and a good lock
Poison them
Jump on them, screaming and clawing

Question 8:   What do you drink?

Question 9:   What is in your heart?
Curiosity and affection
Lust for power
Longing and sorrow
Passions and desires

Question 10:   What worries you?
That someone might harm those I care for
That I won’t be able to topple a dynasty
That my family may die out
That my brother is more important than me
That my sister-in-law gets all the glory (and nicer rooms)

Question 11:   What do you do with your time?
Mess with equations and equipment
Read books and perform ancient, meaningless rituals
Try to take over the world
Charge around, looking for solitude and beauty
Stare at my sibling and complain

Question 12:   What is the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?
Shelves of ancient books and green trees brushing the windowpanes
My own face
A girl smiling--slowly, darkly…
My secret rooms, filled with sunlight, grotesque art and decrepit toys
An endless sea of grey castle walls and towers and a field of stone beneath the stars

Question 13:   How did (or might) you die?
Get hit on the head and drown
Throw yourself off a cliff
Go crazy and get eaten by owls
Rot away in prison
Old age

Question 14:   Do you crave romance?
Yes, but I’m trapped in a loveless relationship
No, but I’m willing to seduce someone
I’m in favor of anything that centers around me…
YES, but it must fit with my ideals
No not really

Question 15:   How reasonable are you?
More intuitive than reasonable
Quite reasonable at all times, but kind
Pure reason, pure logic
Not very—I’m very emotional
I need to be told what to think about things

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