What nickname would Sawyer give you?

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Freckles, Sticks, Doc, VH1, Lardo. The nicknames Sawyer gives out to the other castaways range from slightly complimentary to snarky to just downright rude. But the question still remains: if you were stranded on the island, what would he call YOU?

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    Oh my God! Your plane just crashed on an uncharted island! You are standing amidst the wreckage, surrounded by other screaming passengers, so naturally you are
  • 2
    It's your third day on the island, and by now you are
  • 3
    You get a terrible headache one day and are in desperate need of some aspirin. Unfortunately (and obviously) Sawyer has the monopoly on that market. You ask him for some, to which he creatively and sarcastically responds with a resounding "No." Your reaction?

  • 4
    You are walking along the beach one day when you hear that tell-tale southern drawl shout something at you. You aren't quite sure what he said, but you have an inkling it wasn't too nice. What do you do?
  • 5
    Sawyer beat up Boone, and he won't give Shannon her inhalers! You
  • 6
    Sawyer kissed Kate!

  • 7
    There he is reading that letter again. What about that?
  • 8
    He says he's a "complex guy, sweetheart." You say
  • 9
    You've noticed him reading Watership Down lately. Your response?
  • 10
    Your most noticeable physical characteristic is your

  • 11
    Before you crashed on the island, you where a
  • 12
    So why exactly do you keep talking to Sawyer?
  • 13
    You notice Sawyer standing alone in the jungle, looking, strangely enough, rather upset. You
  • 14
    You are injured one day in the jungle, but much to your surprise, Sawyer is the one to help you back to Jack for medical attention. You
  • 15
    During your daily banter, Sawyer makes comment about his past life and his ability to make women fall in love with him. Your reply?

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727 days ago
I got woodstock pogchamp
1677 days ago
I'm Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!! ☀️