Which Song twin are you?

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Just so you know, the Song twins, Linh and Tam Song, are elves from the holy KOTLC series, created by the all-powerful Shannon Messenger. Seriously, if you don't know them, look them up. Right now. Or take this quiz to find out which one is more like you! Pretty please?

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    First off: Sorry! I haven't made any quizzes in a long long long long LONG time, so sorry to any of you awesome people who were waiting for quizzes! Which would be nobody. Sigh. All right! Enough yapping! The question: How pumped are you to start this quiz!
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    So: Heh, this one's totally obvious. What is the first step to making friends?
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    Are you night or day?

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    Every day, you are ridiculed for being twins. What so your reaction?
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    How will you use your power?
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    What's you're opinion on friends?

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    What would you most rather do in your free time, if not saving the world with friends?
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    Your parents let you get exiled because you were an embarrassment to them, and were damaging their lives...What do you say to that?
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    How awesome are you?
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    Last Q: Did you like this quiz? Yes, it counts. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THIS QUIZ! HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE! YOU DESERVE IT! BYE BYE! *blows kiss*

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267 days ago
90% Tam, not surprised.
857 days ago
Umm i got Lihn OMG Congratulations! You are Linh Song! She is my favorite character, actually! Don't worry if you're the opposite gender, this us personality test! Linh is mostly a happy, bubbly person, shy and sensitive. She is a hydrokinetic, meaning she can manipulate water. It is pretty darn awesome, but it's really powerful and without practice, you can overextend yourself and you could die. When she was little, Linh lost control and flooded Atlantis, and was exiled with her brother, Tam. Linh has a certain Asian look, as does Tam, but there's no such thing to the elves!
Yours Truly,
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You could also get this result:
For 40% you are: Yay! You are Tam Song! Tam is über cool, to me, since he's that mysterious, quiet character everyone loves! Generally, since he was exiled for standing up for his sister Linh, and had no frends because they were twins, Tam is pretty distrustful. However, get past his shell and he is really sweet! He loves his sister Linh with all his heart, and will stand beside her no matter what. He's a Shade, which, I mean, sounds...SHADY, but it's pretty cool. He can manipulate shadows, physical and mental. That means not only can he move shadows to cover him, but he can shadow whisper, too, a weird form of telepathy. Plus, he can do shadow readings, which basically is looking into your mind, and seeing how many 'shadow curtains' you have. Shadow curtains cover your darkest secrets, so the more you have, the more untrustworthy you are. Shades are REALLY, REALLY rare, and super powerful. This picture doesn't give Tam enough credit, but he looks a lot like Linh, and you're lucky!


Paradise7 Profile B

Or even this one:
For 0% you are: ...Wow. You REALLY like chocolate. I mean, this means you answered more than 5 questions with weird chocolately responses. Are you messing around with me or something? ...Anyway, just so you know, Mallowmelt is like a chocolate-butterscotch-marshmallow-caram el cake, and Ripplefluffs are like brownie-fudge-buttery candy surprise cookies. You should try them. Lay off the chocolate.

1041 days ago
I got 60% Tam and 40% Linh!
1104 days ago
tam and lihn were not exiled they were banished prentice was exiled
1482 days ago