Which Percy Jackson Cabin Do I Belong In?

Do you know what Percy Jackson cabin you should be in? Are you 13 or older and still haven't been claimed? Well, now you can know what cabin you will end up in! I created this test for fans just like you! Try it now and soon you'll know where you should go to unpack your stuff!

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    What is your personality?
    What is your personality?

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18 days ago
I got hades twice I don’t like him and my choices were all around posiden like I have gotten form other tests I won’t be coming back to this sight
38 days ago
Ummm I got Hades which is fine love Hades but I’m in Demeter soooooo????
59 days ago
I got Poseidon’s cabin. I tend to be very calm yet when I get mad it’s like a huge synome hits! I have a lot in common with Poseidon he’s my favorite Olympian!!!undefined
75 days ago
I got Athena but my cabin is Aphrodite. I wish Athena and Poseidon had a good relationship, then maybe I could be the daughter of them. But since that will never happen I will just stick to Poseidon and Aphrodite.
76 days ago
I get Athena every time i do the quizzes!!
84 days ago
I got Posiden but my REAL cabin is Athena
97 days ago
Zeus! I always get him he is my favorite Olympian
97 days ago
Aphrodite 💕 💅 👛 🌸 🍒 💗 🎀 🕊 💐 🛍 ✨is what I score on every or ALMOST every test like this😉👌
97 days ago
Aphrodite 💕 💅 👛 🌸 🍒💗🎀👚💐🛍 ✨it's what I score on every or ALMOST every one😉
102 days ago
Stupid, I have absolutely nothing in common with Hades, I thot I would get Apollo, cause thats always what i get (ima mad musician), and I just have nothing in common with him. I think this is a skewed quiz.
109 days ago
hades again, no suprise
110 days ago
Hades! I can't believe it! he's my favorite from greek mythology.
115 days ago
poseidon! yayy I love poseidon he is the best god out of the greek ones
162 days ago
I thought I would get Athena, since I'm half a Ravenclaw and half a Gryffindor, but somehow I got Hades . . . And I just couldn't find any connection between me and him :(
194 days ago
I am satisfied though, its pretty cool that my personalities would match up but...I think that if he were to exist....then we wouldn't like each other all that much, related or not.
194 days ago
Surprisingly my result was Zeus, and his personalities in the book are incredibly different from mine yet.....we both seem to like storms -smiles menacingly-
210 days ago
I got Hades, but I didn't put anything related to him. 🤔
232 days ago
A got Hades- and I put Hades answers.
241 days ago
got Aphrodite.....i'm not sure abt it. 🤔
250 days ago
yep same old same old demeter :)