Which Percy Jackson Cabin Do I Belong In? Quiz

Do you know what Percy Jackson cabin you should be in? Are you 13 or older and still haven't been claimed? Well, now you can know what cabin you will end up in! I created this test for fans just like you!

Try it now and soon you'll know where you should go to unpack your stuff!

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    What is your personality?
    What is your personality?

Comments (172)


1384 days ago
more chooses ,and libraries
1384 days ago
Poseidon '' BUT DADDY I'M A NERD''
1388 days ago
I love athena but got HADES!!!!
1390 days ago
I love Hades but I got freaking Poseidon lol
1393 days ago
I got cabin 3. I do live near the sea😅
1412 days ago
I got Hades. I new I was a devils spawn! Anything black or violent, count me in.

Ha ha! Hades cheated on you once more, Persephone!

I think I’ll go home, to Hades palace now, wouldn’t be the first time in hell.
Bye y’all!
1434 days ago
I got hades but I ALWAYS get demiter
1442 days ago
Love hades and all the tests
1458 days ago
got Aphrodite i liked it a lot
1458 days ago
HADES!!!!!!!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
1484 days ago
Earlier on another test I got Artemis and now I got Hades 😐
1491 days ago
Athena goddess of wisdom 😄
1503 days ago
I got Aphrodite! I suspected I would be an Aphrodite kid, I like fashion and cleanliness and all things beautiful
1539 days ago
I got Athena in one and now I got Hades. I prefer Hades. He’s only evil if you see him as evil
1539 days ago
I got Hades. Normally, people don't like Hades, but he is my second favourite god.
1554 days ago
i literally answered in a way that should have gotten me ares or hades but i somehow got aphrodite. 🕊.
1565 days ago
I it HADES! Hades seriously I don’t even like him.
1565 days ago
I got Poseidon I love it!!!!
1589 days ago
Always Hades or Athena
1590 days ago
Everything has said I’m in Hades so I guess I’m in cabin number 13!