Who's My Godly Parent?

Son of Poseidon? Daughter of Aphrodite? Or Hera, Hades? Oh, the possibilities. If you've ever wondered which cabin you should be in at Camp Half-Blood, then this is the quiz for you! Find out which god claims you and enter a world of adventure and find friends for life! Put yourself to my test and please share with any friends who like Percy Jackson!

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    Which of these colors do you like best?
    Which of these colors do you like best?

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39 days ago
I love Greek mythology
50 days ago
either zues or athena?
69 days ago
I am a daughter of Aphrodite but I don't wanna be (gosh this is how piper felt) but it makes sense.
79 days ago
lol daughter of poseidon. :)
81 days ago
I'm a child of Athena
94 days ago
I'm related to Nico and Bianca
94 days ago
Bro I am related to Percy what are you
95 days ago
Nice.....I'm Zeus, how on earth did I get that one?
95 days ago
brother u are a legend
96 days ago
athena and posidon yes my brother is percy and sis is anebeth
97 days ago
Athena and Hades! YES!
98 days ago
Doesn't make sense i love to build Legos but always get Hades instead of Hephaestus
102 days ago
I'm posidons son hi Percy hi dad/posidon
103 days ago
What does it mean by my result wasn't clear huh!
106 days ago
I always get Poseidon lmao
108 days ago
Zeus? Been awhile but didn't expect to get Zeus AGAIN!
117 days ago
now I got poseidon
117 days ago
I knew I was a child of hades YAAAAA!
122 days ago
Hey Percy And Annabeth Apparently I'm You Twos Half Brother
126 days ago
knew it hey nico im your half sis!