Which Percy Jackson Cabin Do You Really Belong In?

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Most of us have read the remarkable series of Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo or others of Riordan’s masterpieces. But have you ever wondered what kind of Mersin you would be in their world? What camp you would go to? What cabin you would be in? Who your godly parent is? Your occupation? Take this quiz to find out what Camp Half Blood cabin you really belong in!

  • 1
    In grade school, what subject did you excel at? Or which one was your favorite?
  • 2
    What element do you feel most connected to?
  • 3
    Choose a book!

  • 4
    What do you wear most of the time?
  • 5
    Choose a sport
  • 6
    What’s your spirit animal?

  • 7
    Favorite color?
  • 8
    Weapon of choice
  • 9
    Favorite place?
  • 10
    Last question-what do you do in your free time?

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695 days ago
It asked about books and Iwas just like, DONT MAKE ME PICK because I love Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Percy Jackson. I left it blank and the quiz let me. But I guess that makes me an Athena through and through.
733 days ago
I got Athena, but I always though of myself as daughter of Poseidon or Apollo.
962 days ago
I got Athena. Kinda knew it since its my 15th millionth (something like that) time taking this type of test and still always get Athena. Sometimes I got poisiden or Aphrodite tho.
974 days ago
im stupid and im part of Athena cabin
980 days ago
I have a feeling that this quiz is rigged so no matter what you will always get Athena, like I could have been Aphrodite of all goddeses, and it still would have given me Athena I scrolled through the comments before I took the quiz becuase I just wanted to see how people thought of this quiz, and everybody got AThena. so I dont really reccoment it.
983 days ago
I got athena even tho i put my favorite place as the beach and water as my element.
1043 days ago
Athena. I think I’m Aphrodite or Demeter
1072 days ago
I got Athena I was hoping for Apollo
1085 days ago
ugh i got Athena im an aphrodite kid for the gods sake
1150 days ago
Athena 50 % and Posidon 50%
1214 days ago
Yay! I am in the Athena cabin! Makes a lot of sense.
1238 days ago
Athena 1 Poseidon 2 wow I like Annabeth and percy
1240 days ago
funny. i got athena here. on one I got mortal(which was kinda sad because with my luck i’d just be a powerless freak) and on the other two i’ve taken i got hades. i think i’m hades cus i’m a heckin introvert and i have like two or three friends and also i wanna feed demons happy meals cus i bet they’re hungry and i’d be a wholesome child of the death god :3
1401 days ago
Also, didn’t mean to brag. Was just facts.
1401 days ago
Sorry, it switched my cursing against hearts.
1401 days ago
Athena. Though I was hoping for Cabin 13, the House of Hades. I guess I’m just generally evil. I’m a child of Hades, a Slytherin, I’m always like “I like the devil, and hell’s great” (seriously, it is!). Though I’m clever (like, hella smart. Some call me brilliant) I was never really into that. I love reading and getting myself in danger. I’m always in trouble, and I kinda like it. I’m always by myself, cuz most people I now don’t like me. They say I have mental health issues, because I love reading and always take risks. But they’re probably just jealous. I’m top of my class, best in sports, I speak 4 languages fluent, and I’m learning 2 more. I’ve been all over the world, and I’ve seen stuff. I got bullied a lot, so I don’t give a 😘 about their 😘 anymore. My books are my sanctuary. I have two favorite authors, from which I have almost every book: J.K.Rowling and Rick Riordan. My favorite characters in those books are Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Nico Di Angelo and Leo Valdez.

Also,Lil’ REEtard and GratuitousJackass. HOW DARE YOU!!! “Get a life freak!” I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU SUFFER IN TARTARUS!!!

Sorry, I have anger issues.
1414 days ago
eee no why do I keep getting Athena...
I was hoping for Hades, Artemis, or Poseidon (If you can get them from here) but whatever.. at least I'm not Aphrodite or Apollo
1542 days ago
Sorry I ve written the same comment. I tought that my comment was deleted. 😅
1542 days ago
Cabin 6 Athena. I know it sounds Weird but I was hoping for Apollo. But I am a Reavenclaw soooo I was kinda expecting that. And Athena was my second choice,anyways
1543 days ago
Gratuitous Jackass or what ever your stupid name is ,we know you and Lil REEtard are the same stupid person, well,1. If you are taking this quiz it means that you know percy jackson so you re a troglodite too,no wait,the ONLY UNEDUCATED DUMBA**HERE
2. What does "get a life freak"mean? She/He is having a great time not like you . Probably your hobby is go and insulting people in the comments on The internet because you can create a profile with a cool pic and be the dumba** that you are . I Bet that if you will ever meet the person who made this quiz you would not have the big a**to Say it in person. So please SHUT THE **** UP . THANKS