Are you a demigod?

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Are you a demigod? This is pretty much according to what Rick Riordan's book series' demigods are like. Hope you enjoy

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    Have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD or thought you have ADHD?

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18 hours ago
Ah sure, things are grand.
@maren, camp Avalon is in wales, it’s a camp for Celtic demigods, apparently.
I heard of a Celtic camp in a dream and looked it up.
21 hours ago
@star, no I haven’t heard of camp Avalon. Is it in Italy?
And Ocean things the same, being followed by craws, seeing Morrìgan blah blah blah
23 hours ago
dum b guy*
and how r u all doing?
23 hours ago
Ill clear things out a bit.
Some 👮 told me I was part of a prophecy. As an ADHD kid, I stopped listening and rushed to tell you guys.
Then a few days later the SAME guy was like "Hey bro srry i uhhhhhh made a mistake u arent part of the prophecy"
Kinda disappointing
and ocean wont die until its his time >:)
You speak the truth, but don’t have such an attitude, forest!

Also maren, have you heard of camp Avalon??
2 days ago
pfft, beats me. probably out living a more interesting life then the rest of us -_-

2 days ago
I meant Mars🤦🏻‍♀️ Ocean has been really quiet, is he dead?
3 days ago
I’m the daughter of Ares or Jupiter but I have this connection to Morrìgan
3 days ago
Wow is there that many people on here??
3 days ago
Ok so we have 3 children of Zeus 1 of Apollo 1 of Poseidon 1 of Nike 1 and there have been 2 or 3 children of hades that could be around
4 days ago
What I was doing? well a man followed me and I asked for help from Apollo and a crow just showed up out of nowhere and stayed with me all the way home. But now they’re just showing up and watching me
4 days ago
Ya there were loads at school, but that could have been for a number of reasons, but then there are loads at home in the evenings now.......
Also, @maren were you doa?
4 days ago
Well I don’t get attacked or anything, they’re just following me lol. It’s like they’re watching me and see’s if everything’s ok
4 days ago
get followed? hell, the system has a pet crow, courtesy of Cadence.

5 days ago
Hey ocean what exactly did the prophecy say? And don’t fear death, when it comes you fight it and survive
5 days ago
Anyone else gets followed by black crows?
And Justin that means ur not a kid of the 12 Olympians.... I think
5 days ago
Hi Justin!
Umm not entirely sure what you mean... but welcome!
5 days ago
I'm a child of a minor god but what does that mean
5 days ago
bleh same all of us have experienced something like that but i feel like Phil gets it worst. idk what it is

6 days ago
Ya me too......