Which Percy Jackson Demigod Are You?

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    You arrive at the gates of Camp Half-Blood.
    Above you is a stretch of champagne-colored sky, and below you are fields and fields of tall, messy looking buildings. You peer out the car window eagerly. You don't know if you're even a demigod, much less who your missing "godly parent" is. Yet, you automatically feel a connection to the adventure in front of you. What's your feeling as you drive down the road to camp?
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    It's time for your first activity. Where do you head?
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    It's time for dinner (finally!). You're lead down to the Mess Hall, where plates of food are stacked on top of smooth, wooden tables. A counselor politely asks you to scrape some of your dinner into the fire as an offering to the gods. Great, you think. But then, you realize-- maybe you can send a "special" prayer to the gods, and they'll take pity on you and help you find out who your missing parent is! Who do you pray to?

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    Dinner has ended, and you return to the cabin of Hermes, where you'll be housed until farther noticed. When you get back, you catch a glimpse of your reflection on the window. It's the first you've seen of yourself since you arrived. How do you look?
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    Suddenly, the counselor of the Hermes cabin grabs your forearm. He informs you that your cabin will be playing a "good old game of CHB 'Capture the Flag'". He asks what kind of player you'd prefer to be. You say:
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    Your counselor nods, content with your choice. He calls for the cabin to move out.
    As your walking to the field, you notice a girl standing on the outside of the group. She looks terrified. What do you do?

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    Before you can make any decision, the girl wanders over to you. Her green eyes are wide with fear. She tells you she's new, and that she's never done anything like this before. You tell her you're new, as well. She asks you where you'd rather be. You answer:
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    The girl laughs and agrees with you. She tells you her name, and you tell her yours.
    Then, the camp counselor calls you over. You trot over to where he stands, under a tree. He asks you where you'd like to be stationed. What do you respond with?
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    Quickly, he sends you off to your spot. The night is dark and sticky. You're about to pull on your armor when you suddenly see a violet light coming from behind a boulder. You follow it. Someone asks where you're going. You respond:
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    You follow the light to behind the rock, where there's an opening. The opening has several areas expanding off of it, and each one seems to be radiating the violet light. Which one do you go to?

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655 days ago
I got 40% Annabeth, 40% Clarrise, and 20% Thalia. All of them are cool, and they all have special characteristics I've always liked. I'm just a guy, so I'm just like... yup, nice.
736 days ago
For 30% you are: You are: Annabeth

Reasonable, intelligent, and strong-willed, Annabeth always has the upper-hand and know what to do in difficult situations. She's loyal to the ones she loves, though sometimes she cannot see their faults. She's willing to do what it takes to save her friends.
30% of 6922 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: You are: Thalia

Thalia is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. She is courageous, but not in a dumb hero way. Thalia is smart, though not bookish, amusing, though not in a try-hard manner, and humble. She lusts for the approval of others and doesn't often do things for herself. Thalia is very selfless, which can hurt her occasionally. Otherwise, she is a strong-willed and fantastic girl. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20% you are: You are: Percy

Protagonist Percy Jackson: A charismatic, sarcastic young man who is heart-warmingly loyal to his friends and loved ones. He often takes his life for granted, and can be dangerous and stupid. But he does everything for the people he cares about. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 20% you are: You are: Clarisse

Clarisse gets a bad rep from the other demigods at Camp Half Blood in the beginning. Though she is blunt and sometimes grumpy, she is willing to put herself out there for the majority of the group. She always fights for what's right and stands up for the underdog. Widely under-appreciated, Clarisse is loved by all in her cabin and takes pride in herself, not caring what others think. She is wonderfully confident. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 0% you are: You are: Luke

Ah, Luke. Cunning and slimy, Luke is willing to sacrifice himself or others to get to the top. Though he isn't necessarily a bad guy, Luke can be infuriating in his motives to get what he wants. Though, he is devoted to those he wants to be devoted to. But be careful-- Things can set him off easily. Profile E
811 days ago
My results were 30% Percy 30% Clarisse 20% Annabeth 10% Luke and 10% Thalia, all of which I'm pretty happy with, although I hate Luke
835 days ago
60% Annabeth, 20% Luke and 20% Thalia, I'm quite pleased
896 days ago
Riiight Addison, like you didnt rig it up so you’d get that. I got 50 annabeth without rigging it.
958 days ago
Yay! I always get 80% Annabeth! She’s like pretty much me. Everyone calls me that, anyway!
I also got 15 % Thalia and 5% Percy!((gray for Annabeth!!))
973 days ago
Haha, i actually got Thalia which surprised me
1024 days ago
i got 40% percy 40% thalia
but where the leo team
1072 days ago
I got Annabeth!! It's actually good cos that's what I am called at school. The quiz was too good!! The best I have ever taken!! Gray for @nn@b€t#❤❤❤
1129 days ago
Where’s mah team all the ladies luv Leo. I got Luke 😆
1202 days ago
Haha I'm good ol' Percy
1377 days ago
yay i got annabeth i get that a lot
1379 days ago
40% annabeth, 30% Percy, 10% Luke, 10% Clarisse, or 10% Thalia. I prefer the annabeth one.
1379 days ago
i got annabeth where is leo i dont think hes on this quiz why yo leave him out???
1444 days ago
I got Annabeth! Yessss!
1479 days ago
this is an awesome quiz! I am such a demigod!
1524 days ago
I got Percy. Go to the water it will give you strength
1737 days ago
I like this quiz. It made me laugh with my friends when a boy in my class got Annabeth.
1747 days ago
Loved the scenario style of this quiz, this is the most enjoyable quiz I've ever taken :)