Percy Jackson Personality Test!

So, have you read the Percy Jackson series, and wondered which character you're most like? Look no further! Take this quiz ASAP! It will tell you your "Percy-nality"! Get it? If you haven't read the series, take the test'll read it with a lot more interest and insight!

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    You encounter a nasty-looking gorgon who wants to eat you for lunch. What do you do?
    You encounter a nasty-looking gorgon who wants to eat you for lunch. What do you do?

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1193 days ago
Sweet I got Annabeth my favorite character i am strong and smart anyway.
1193 days ago
I may be a disappointment, but at least I'm not the Percy Jackson movies.
1218 days ago
Im also a big nerd. When ever I actually say something, they say "Stop being nerdy" welp its life. But im also a gryffindor (idk why i added harry potter in this comment)
1218 days ago
I got Annabeth! I really like even though i look nothing like her. She is the best
1257 days ago
I got Annabeth... I am so her.😁 I'm ready to fight, I'm no nonsense, I'm a total nerd, and I'll do anything for my loved ones. I would say I'm pretty like her, but...
1267 days ago
70 percent percy . Yess!
1276 days ago
I was 100% Annabeth I am defiantly a nerd
1405 days ago
For 70% you are: You are definitely Nico Di'Angelo! Misunderstood, cold and mysterious, he's definitely an interesting character! You are probably cold to strangers, but will warm right up to friends! You have a dark past, and are trying to cope with a sad loss. Just learn to not be so suspicious, and the rest will fall into place. yep yep thats me!
1412 days ago
Nico di Angelo, 100%
Cold and mysterious
1422 days ago
40% Thalia, 40% Percy :3 Those are actually my favorite charcterssssss
1428 days ago
like always
1428 days ago
nico di angelo
1480 days ago
Just changed some of my answers slightly and STILL got Annabeth Chase. Oh, and both times just 40%.
1480 days ago
Ahhh! I got Annabeth! Why do I always get her so much? I guess because maybe none of the other girls really fit me LOL. But seriously, Annabeth? Other than enjoying a good book, we're practically NOTHING alike!!!
1514 days ago
40% percy! I guess that's cool.... :)
1556 days ago
For 40% you are: You are most like Annabeth Chase! She's smart, daring, and beautiful! You are very smart, and you are able to come up with incredible ideas and plans. You are also strong, but underneath that tough demeanor is a soft and sensitive girl. You are probably very nice and sweet underneath. Congrats! She's my favorite character!
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You could also get this result:
For 40% you are: You are most like Thalia Grace! She's tough, rebellious and a punk! You're most likely strong and brave, and are afraid of heights! You are also a hunter, so you are immortal, but hate boys! Thalia is also friends with Annabeth, and is nice to those she trusts. Good job!

Both of these almost exactly describe me. Except I wonder what the remaining 20% is...
1596 days ago
I got Annabeth! But, she is wayyy too smart and I can’t even relate to her. I’m dumb.
1598 days ago
I got 100% Nico. Yesss😁
1604 days ago
um bro I am like.... 30% Annabeth and like 30% Grover so thats cool (I guess)
1616 days ago
im Annabeth yay she is so cool and i look like her too i have bluish gray eyes and long slightly wavy blonde hair