Your Camp Half Blood Life

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This test will show you your life at Camp Half Blood

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    Hey! Welcome to this quiz! I'm Brooke and I'm a daughter of Aphrodite! Enjoy! Ready?
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    Me: Hey Leo!
    Leo: Hey! What's your favourite color? Don't kill me
  • 3
    Me: Chiron! Help me choose my weapon!
    Chiron: Ok. Choose!

  • 4
    Me: Percy! How are you?
    Percy: Hey Baby! I'm good! What's your favourite dessert? Love you!
    Me: Aww! Love you too!
  • 5
    Me: Hey Annabeth.
    Annabeth: hi. what's your weakness?
  • 6
    Me: Hey Piper!
    Piper: Hey Sis! What's your favourite flower?

  • 7
    Me: Hazel!(does secret handshake)
    Hazel: Hey! What is your eye color?
  • 8
    Me: Franky! What up man?
    Frank: Don't call me Franky, kid. How old are you?
  • 9
    Me: Racheal Dare! The Oracle, right?
    Racheal: Hey! And yeah! What color is your hair?
  • 10
    Me: Jason!(Jason comes in for a huge hug!)
    Jason: Hey Brooke! What's your favourite animal?

  • 11
    Mr. D: Are you a boy or a girl?
    Me: Umm... I'm a girl...
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    Alright! Thanks so much for taking this quiz! Hope you enjoy your result!

Comments (29)


468 days ago
First of all, I'm a girl. It says imma son of Hades. Like srsly?
469 days ago
I’m a daughter of Hadesss!
859 days ago
Im a daughter of Athena not Hades!!!!
920 days ago
I got a bit of everyone

I was just rereading HoO and I realized, what if Piper has fault in Gaea’s awakening? When Jason saw Hera’s true godly form, Piper used her charmspeak to wake him. “‘Jason’, Piper said again, and she imagined her voice resonating through the earth, all the way down to the Underworld. ‘Wake up’”
What if she also subconsciously woke up Gaea a bit? Her charmspeak was strong enough to wake a nearly dead.
938 days ago
I’m feeling quite good too

I don’t speak Italian very well, though. Just the basics.
938 days ago
I’m good, you?

Nice to see that Neeks, Bianca and I (a little bit) aren’t the only ones who still speak Italian!
938 days ago
Ehi, come va fratello?
938 days ago
Son of Hades, duh.
I mean....It’s obvious

And I agree with you, brother. What in Tartarus?! Bianca may have chosen rebirth, but she’s still our sis!!!

At least Hazel gets acknowledged. She is a daughter of Pluto, if you take it exactly.
1021 days ago
So I got Atheana and I it sounds like me a lot
1044 days ago
Son of Hades, duh.
Was obvious, though.

1074 days ago
i am a girl an i got SON of hades
1105 days ago
I got Hades as a parent. If you want the actual quiz, go to and click on quizzes. The icon will say Who Is Your Godly Parent?
1128 days ago
I take this quiz over and over and over, but I always get son of Hades, although I'm a girl and daughter of Poseidon.
1138 days ago
I got a son of Hades, but, like, what the hell, I'm a girl and I clearly stated that in the quiz!
1141 days ago
I got hades but I’m a son of Zeus
1222 days ago
But i could also be a daughter of poseidon or aphrodite bc thats other stuff i get a lot
1222 days ago
Athena. I get that a lot. ppl always say i look like Annabeth
1249 days ago
Hades? agggggggggggggghhhhhhhh no!
1309 days ago
I got Athena! I was expecting it, though.
1396 days ago
Aye son of Hades, Im a girl but still I got Hades 5 times and thanatos 1 time