Which of the Seven Are You?

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Find out which brave person you are from the Heroes of Olympus book series!

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    What is your favorite animal?

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69 days ago
it littary asks you who you are so all it needs is one question
324 days ago
I got
Leo Valdez Supreme Bad Boy Super-Sized McSchizzle
457 days ago
:0 I got Leo!
553 days ago
Pipes is my fav character...I’m more like annabeth but...
553 days ago
Um...where is piper??
642 days ago
YO I GOT HAZEL!!!!! I do have 1 question though, y does it only give u 5 options and there r 7 people?
764 days ago
772 days ago
leo Velez yeah...cool
773 days ago
I am Percy Jackson ........yyyyyyyeeeessss
813 days ago
Yessssss I’m Leo! Let’s gooooo!
975 days ago
!I got Annabeth!!!
1078 days ago
I’m Percy.........again 😏
1132 days ago
I got Percy! Strange though, I feel like I should have gotten Hazel cause we both like horses, and we’re both kinda shy and awkward.
1251 days ago
I’m Percy Jackson! , yeah!
1255 days ago
Which of the Seven Are You?
You are Leo Valdez! You can summon fire and are immune to it. You are a hard worker and humorous.
1256 days ago
leo 4EVA why did i get percy i took 22 quizzes that said leo so im leo
1258 days ago
leo valdez;) u r not the only one that does that lol i got leo too
1400 days ago
They say I’m Leo , but.........I’M A GIRL!!!!!
1418 days ago
Well, you can guess who I got. So happy except I can't date myself...can I? APHRODITE GIVE ME KNOWLEDGE!! (Srsly though, am I the only one that kisses my poster of Leo every night? I feel like I am...)
1662 days ago
Cookielover I do not own this quiz, but I know that you can only put 5 profiles. Seven is not allowed