Heroes of Olympus (Percy Jackson) Character/personality Quiz

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This quiz will tell you which character you are in the Heroes of Olympus. This may not be accurate, so please excuse it. The characters who are not possible outcomes are Frank and Hazel. Feel free to share who you got in the comments and enjoy!

  • 1
    To start off, how are you?
  • 2
    Now, let's taking it off easy. What would you rather wear on a casual day?
  • 3
    Which camp?

  • 4
    What’s something you wish to be really good at?
  • 5
    Which power?
  • 6
    What would your friends describe you as?

  • 7
    What would you want to do in your spare time?
  • 8
    Which animals?
  • 9
    You’re running through a moving maze with your close friend a little ahead of you, you turn you back to see if anything is coming at your back, and you turn back to see that a wall as blocked you from your friend. What is your immediate reaction.
  • 10
    Which one is something you’d say?

  • 11
    Which one would you call your friend?
  • 12
    Which greeting would you say to your friend?
  • 13
    What kind of person are you in the school?
  • 14
    Which choice of weapon in combat?
  • 15
    Now, final question, what did you think of this quiz?

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1117 days ago
I’ve taken twelve of these and I got Leo every time
1164 days ago
Leo again! Hey I’m okay with it
1302 days ago
FYI, I’m Percy Jackson my favorite character. ;D