Are You The Child of a Demigod? Find Out Now

At times, we've all sensed we might have rare, hidden qualities that could only have come from a power greater than ourselves - a demigod or goddess. If you've ever felt that way, take this quiz to find out who your demigodly parent is. (PJO & HoO)

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    Which of these animals do you like best?
    Which of these animals do you like best?

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52 days ago
Yo I’ve read all the Rick Riorda books and I’ve always loved everything about Poseidon. And It says I’m his son%. Now I know why I I’m so interested in him. (Not in a weird or anything, he’s just a cool God).
83 days ago
nvm i am a son of zeus and so hi fam help me I am 12 so good by life and hello darkness thank's a lot dad I am so happy sike how do i stop being a demigod like nowundefined
83 days ago
The god of the sea is your godly 'rent. You love to swim, and the fishes are your sweet little bae. You would do anything for your friends, and they feel the same way about you.

that is what I got and it is so true
108 days ago
Gods:(Not in order) Zeus, Hera, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Eros(Sorta), Ares, and but i can't spell XD im Aphrodite and Zeus
123 days ago
I am the demigod son of Zeus ( Ruler of Mount Olympus ) and I am brother of Perseus ( Slayer of the Gorgon Medusa and slayer of the Kraken )
143 days ago
I’ve done a lot of quizzes and about nine times out of ten I am a child of Athena. This quiz as well determined me as a child of Athena. So, I am a child of Athena through and through
147 days ago
I am not zeus I am DEFINITELY aries, but i'll take that.
154 days ago
I am zues child I’m so confused right now
179 days ago
I got Poseidon! makes sense I have a lot in common with Percy
181 days ago
Most of my answers would make it say hades. One answer made it Aphrodite. ONE ANSWER.
182 days ago
yolo iam aries kid stay out of my way unless u want to see a sword in your back
188 days ago
im a daughter of zeus which is why i keep winning a lot
( i wanted to be a daughter of posiden tho) ( i also like the colour blue)
191 days ago
I am a child of Athena, which makes sense, I love to read. although i prefer using a bow and arrow
192 days ago

The goddess of love is your godly Mama. You adore making matches, and charm-speak is your weapon of choice. Once under your spell, no one can resist you! my mom is a mortal my dad is hades
192 days ago
I’m hades his kid I can talk to the dead I am not wierd
192 days ago
I got Poseidon
195 days ago
I got Zeus but when I took two other tests I got hades. I’m going with hades cuz I love Nico so much 🥰🥰
198 days ago
I((teal)I got Poseidon
198 days ago
So I'm a daughter of poseidon today I went to grab my water and when my hand was out the water was in a ball when I put my hand down it went back into the cup and I can also breathe under water there is this man's voice in my head giving me advice water also heals me and gives me energy and I got chased by a man in a black robe
217 days ago
Well i got zeus so, i dont know if i was being honest or what but the answers i chose is what i was feeling the most and my favorites so (Edited, My mistake)