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Who Is My Godly Parent In Percy Jackson? Quiz

Are you age 12 years or older and just can't WAIT to be called to Camp Half-Blood? Do you wonder who your godly parent would be once you get there? No worries, just try my test now and you'll find out early! Please share it with your friends who love Percy Jackson as much as we do!:-)

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153 days ago
as with all 'who's your godly parent' tests, too predictable i got daughter of athena. i feel like that must be wrong, because i'm smart but that's a small aspect of me. Whatever, nothing's perfect.
193 days ago
40% Hera and 60% Athena!
272 days ago
30% Athena and 30% Zeus. I have no idea how those 2 things mix, but whatever I guess.
327 days ago
Sparingly I'm a son af athena
333 days ago
The undifined at the end was unintentional
333 days ago
I got Posidan, I now have a brother named Tyson who loves peanut butter and big sticks.
432 days ago
Yay Hades is my dad! Now I can have a french zombie drive me to scholl! UwU
452 days ago
I always get Athena or Aphrodite.
464 days ago
My mom is athnea that is very true well she is kinda smart
524 days ago
I was for sure a Poseidon.
532 days ago
I got Athena or Poseidon…. But it said the results were unclear
546 days ago
i got Hades or Athena
547 days ago
i got hades or posideon i-
551 days ago
I keep getting Hades or Posideon.
559 days ago
I got the son of Zeus now i shall smite you all, so prepare to be smit! (evil laugjter noise intensifies) sorry i got a bit carried away there but please bring me some guacamole if youre feeling nice. thanks!!!!!!!
569 days ago
ooo i got posieden no wonder i like to go to the beach al the time when i can :3
592 days ago
I keep getting hades
593 days ago
I'm a daughter of hades
594 days ago
Holy mother of Hera! You are ap"parent"ly a daughter/son of Hades! We will need you when forces are low, to help us bring some up from the Underworld to join us. You might be a little moody, but we still love you. Welcome aboard the Argo II!
599 days ago
I’m a son of hades