What Survivors Dog Are You?

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Ever wondered what Survivors dog you are? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are alpha and omega eats out of line. You..
  • 2
    Coyotes Attack! You..
  • 3
    You return from a successful hunt and wolves attack! You..

  • 4
    You catch a buck and your hunting team makes you drag it back to camp yourself. You..
  • 5
    You're a half wolf half dog raised in a wolf pack. You are teased all your life. They finally go too far. You..
  • 6
    You are in the middle of a great howl and a dog pushes you and says you are not worthy of being in a great howl. You..

  • 7
    Fierce dogs take your pup! You..
  • 8
    You are captured by longpaws! You..
  • 9
    The big growl hits! Your longpaws leave you! You..
  • 10
    You are in the storm of dogs! You..

Comments (217)


14 days ago
For 50% you are: You are Lucky! The loyal and kind lone dog! You are always thinking of others!
61% of 23056 quiz participants had this profile!
14 days ago
im blade but i love pups and care for others im just really protective and i dont let people take me down i stand my ground thats the kind of dog i am.
45 days ago
i am lucky i am so like him and i like sweet and bella
72 days ago
I love Lucky in all, but Storm is way better.. kinda upset about the result.
77 days ago
I took the test for times and I am lucky the 1st time I was only 50% lucky but the rest of the times I was 70%
335 days ago
i took the quiz 3 times and i got a little bit of lucky every time. The first time i got half blade and half lucky. the second time i got whine and lucky. the third time i got 70% lucky. WOW...
361 days ago
Male-nice,brave,kind and strong-loves pups-will fight and will sacrifice life to save pack and others.
400 days ago
I was 50% Lucky my favorite!!!
412 days ago
I got lucky! I'm more like Martha though.
424 days ago
I got blade.
428 days ago
i got all lucky im always loyal thinking of others witch i do like but i really liked storm the most out of all the dogs but i like thinking of others so.
433 days ago
I got 70% Blade and 10% Lucky + 20% Storm.
437 days ago
I'm storm get out of here before I make you.Grrrrrrrr rufffffff
513 days ago
I am on my 5th book I wish that the series to go on forever
513 days ago
I really want storm I keep getting lucky does anyone know how to get storm she is the best dog in the whole series
520 days ago
I love tis series, I've read the whole thing!
542 days ago
I have only read two survivor books
563 days ago
I got Lucky!!! But I’m more like Bella
572 days ago
I want storm
but don't know how to
600 days ago
I got blade then lucky then Blade again! I really wanted Storm!