What Survivors Dog Are You?

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Ever wondered what Survivors dog you are? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are alpha and omega eats out of line. You..
  • 2
    Coyotes Attack! You..
  • 3
    You return from a successful hunt and wolves attack! You..

  • 4
    You catch a buck and your hunting team makes you drag it back to camp yourself. You..
  • 5
    You're a half wolf half dog raised in a wolf pack. You are teased all your life. They finally go too far. You..
  • 6
    You are in the middle of a great howl and a dog pushes you and says you are not worthy of being in a great howl. You..

  • 7
    Fierce dogs take your pup! You..
  • 8
    You are captured by longpaws! You..
  • 9
    The big growl hits! Your longpaws leave you! You..
  • 10
    You are in the storm of dogs! You..

Comments (217)


1257 days ago
Lucky Lucky Lucky!!!!!! If I’m true to myself that’s is all I’ll ever get:-)
1257 days ago
I got lucky 1 ov my favorite character along with Mickey and storm.
1272 days ago
I got Lucky! UWU I love Lucky...but I hate his pups and Sweet..
1285 days ago
all a have gotten was blade lucky and whine. I don't know how to get any other dogs. but it's cool
1287 days ago
I got blade but I wanted alpha. Oh well blade is cool
1287 days ago
I got lucky and I am so happy. Lucky is my favorite dog
1290 days ago
Sorry. I really wanted Storm. TERRIBLY sorry. :) Forgive me?
1290 days ago
Whoever made this site is a DUMMY. :(
1290 days ago
FYI, I got LUCKY. BORING!!!! :( :( :( :( :(
1290 days ago
I totally HATE who I got. :( I wish I had gotten Storm. But whatever. #TTYL
1325 days ago
Who agrees Storm is the best and Bravest of them all
1328 days ago
i got lucky. survivors dogs rule
1347 days ago
Lol I made my dad do it and he got blade😂
1348 days ago
Cause you know there brother and sister
1348 days ago
But you know what I'll just think that very time I get Lucky I'll just think that he's Bella😂🐶
1348 days ago
Ugh I tried everything Bella would do and I'll just get Lucky
1348 days ago
Just how in the what can I just get at least Bella or Sweet
1348 days ago
why do I keep getting Lucky I want Bella she's my favorite
1348 days ago
I got Lucky 4 times in a row and then I got Blade and the Whine but I really wanted Bella
1351 days ago
I am so happy I got blade🐺🐾 🇺🇸