What is your Warriors destiny?

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It's me Moonfrost again. No you're not dead, I am. You are just having a dream from StarClan. In this test, your leadership is tested. Your deputy betrays you. What will you do? I know, take this quiz already.

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    You are a new leader and it's time to choose a deputy. I, being a StarClan cat, am advising you. What do you look for in a deputy? I'm giving the best possible choices so don't hate me, especially because all of them are toms.
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    You believe you have chosen the perfect deputy, which you have. Yay you! I knew you were worthy of this. Blah blah blah, in the last test you chose a prefix and bloo blah are now leader. You suddenly fall in love with a cat from another Clan. What happens?
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    You tell your love in another Clan that you can't be together. Both of your hearts are broken, but you have to do this for the sake of your Clan. Then suddenly, the medicine cat is murdered. The hair between her claws is gray, like your deputy's...

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    Your deputy takes the first eight lives of yours. He forces you to step down from the crown. Hey, that rhymes! Anyways, he THINKS he took nine lives. It's the new moon, everyone's sleeping. You sneak out. Where to though?
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    You decide against leaving, it's instinct calling. The deputy sneaks up behind you. You turn around and prepare to fight. But then, the whole Clan attacks. What do you do?
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    (You're a tom for this one) You get the crown back. You choose another deputy, a tortoiseshell she-cat named Sorrelrose. She's really pretty. What do you do?

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    (You're normal now) Sorrelrose turned you down(if you're a tom) and she did the patrols. Everything is normal. Except the rouges you fought a while ago... they seem more hostile and hunt on your land. What happens now?
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    The rouges attack you first. You meet in battle with the leader. He pins you down and gets ready to slit your throat when I save your furry butt. You do what now?
  • 9
    You have won the battle. What now?
  • 10
    I give you a prophecy. It foretells your death, and Sorrelrose's kitting soon. It also foretells your littermate, Fawnheart, will become a medicine cat what do you do?

  • 11
    The prophecy came true! Sorrelrose and her kits died though... so did you. Curse that blackcough! What now, StarClan warrior?
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    How did you like this test? Please like it I worked very hard and now my claws are dirty!

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401 days ago
I liked this test, but in my opinion it could use a few changes...
590 days ago
Me?! Dead?! Ha! Not yet. I have a Clan to look over for. *fluffs out her fur*
720 days ago
It just said that I was dead. ME??? MOTHSTAR??? DEAD??? I'd like to see them try}:)
874 days ago
Hey,can you make a fanfiction based on people's resuts?
908 days ago