What is Your Warrior Cats Destiny?

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We've all wondered what it would be like if we were in the beloved book series Warriors. With this personality quiz, you'll answer choice-based questions that would predict what you'd be like as a wildcat!

Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter.

  • 1
    You wake up to the face of your beloved mother, in the Thunderclan nursery. A few older kits invite you to play outside, but you wander off to...
  • 2
    You're playing a game with the other kits, when some jerk named Sharpkit trips you and calls you a mouse-brain. You...
  • 3
    As a kit, some different cats see potential in you and are willing to show you the basics in their craft. You choose...

  • 4
    It's nearing you apprentice ceremony, and guess what, your bored. All the other kits see you as too old to play with and the apprentices see you as too young. You...
  • 5
    With much anticipation, you are apprenticed to your new mentor! A little kit, Tinykit, is sad because your mentor is her "fwiend" and thinks he/she won't have time for her now. You...
  • 6
    A fox is in the camp!

  • 7
    It's your first gathering, and you are head over heels in love with a kind apprentice from ShadowClan. You tell yourself...
  • 8
    It's you assessment, and Sharppaw got cut by a sharp branch. Great Starclan, he's bleeding everywhere! You...
  • 9
    You're finally a full fledged warrior/medicine cat! That night, you receive an eerie dream from Starclan. You...
  • 10
    Lightning strikes, and thunder follows. Suddenly the camp is being engulfed by a forest fire! Reacting quickly, you...

  • 11
    You had a dream you had kits, interesting. You...
  • 12
    After delivering some moss to the wise old elder Fierceclaw, he asks you what goal do you have in life. You're now awake in your nest, thinking about the question. You're goal is...
  • 13
    You're out in the forest, and you are thinking about how your life is going. Maybe you've found true love. Maybe you found a new ambition. Perhaps a prophecy is thrown in there. Suddenly, a small vision of your death flashes before your eyes. Panting, you tell yourself...

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221 days ago
Wait, hold on! Jut so you know, I am not the bully Skyheart from Riverclan in Leopardstar's Honor. I'm Skyheart from Windclan. A deputy with mate and many kits. I am well respected and the fastest of them all.
221 days ago
I'm lovestruck. The thing is that I want to half warrior (or deputy!) and half lovestruck. I want a mate andd kits and deputy.
229 days ago
For 38% you are: You're a Leader at Heart! From moss ball to morning patrols, you were always in control and always dedicated to Thunderclan. Your leader, Sheepstar, sensed this in you from a young age and mentored you herself. You had a close bond with her, and she entrusted you with her clan. You became deputy, and eventually leader. You lead Thunderclan through bad times and were always there to defend it. Everyone looked up to you, even cats from other clans. Your final life was spent comforting a warrior with greencough, refusing to leave him alone, being the caring leader you are.

I'm a leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

239 days ago
I got a classic warrior! Huh, not bad, if I say so myself.
400 days ago
I- THIS QUIZZ KNOWS MY OC BETTER THEN ME... It fitts her so mich. I got everything exept meddie
458 days ago
It is true! After Adderpelt dieds, she raises the kits in StarClan like her own. And apprentices, of course!
519 days ago
I am meddie I thank God for that
589 days ago
I'm a Free Thinker! Yes! That's what I would be.
789 days ago
I got leader, yay!!!
832 days ago
I'm a classic warrirorrrrrr yay
832 days ago
I just ran one of my OCs through this quiz and I got a bit of everything except for meddie.
1038 days ago
XD i am a leader 46% thats nice
1063 days ago
Med cat. Duh.