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Somewhere on the border between Starclan and The Dark Forest is a misty white line your very favorite Warrior Cat probably crosses every night. Purrsonality-wise, are you like that cat? Or purrhaps you pre-fur your favorite Warrior Cat because he or she is quite different from you?
OK, OK, so we're getting a little crazy with the cat puns! The point is, if you're obsessed with Warrior Cats and have been wondering which one you're the most like, or anything else related to Warrior Cat characteristics, you're in the right place. Welcome to our Warrior Cat personality cat-egory of quizzes!
Or maybe you haven't wondered about this topic until right meow...and the thought of finding out is just too intriguing to pass up? Either way, why not try a test or two now? There are loads of them - find out which leader you are, what your rank is, what your name is, which Thunderclan cat you might be and more. What a purrfect way for a Warrior Cat fan to kill some time!

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16 days ago
Hi! I’m Maplewing. I’m the deputy of LakeClan! Our leader is Goldenfang, my sister. I’m going to succeed her one day! And Goldenfan- wait, GoldenSTAR will watch over me from SunClan. (SunClan is like StarClan) I have the same family as Goldenfang, except Flamekit and Firekit are not my kits. My mate is Crowpelt, from our Clan. I’m expecting kits! Talonflame, Goldenfan- AGAIN, WHY DO I KEEP DOING THAT??? GoldenSTAR and Talonflame are in charge of the Clan while I’m in the nursery. Soon, when my kits are apprentices, then it will be me and my sister in charge. Just us. Wondering how I got the suffix “wing”? I was born with wings. I can fly. I heard the prophecy about it when I was a warrior: “Five will be given the power of the sky, and the moon will rise as the grass brings destruction.” I was one of the Five, and so was my sister Goldenfan- WHY????? -and so was my sister GoldenSTAR. She can speak to other kinds of animals. The others are from the other Clans. Check out Goldenfang’s post and Stormcloud’s post! More coming soon.
16 days ago
Oops! Completely forgot that I can speak to other animals. For example: Me: grrroo (go away) Fox: (ugh fine)
16 days ago
Hi! I’m Goldenstar (used to be Goldenfang). (Sharing info about my OC Goldenfang. Plz do not use stuff about my OC like names but u can use pelt colors and stuff, or a prefix or suffix but don’t use the same name) I’m the leader of LakeClan! I’m a she-cat. My family is my mother Stormcloud, who went to MoonClan when she died,(MoonClan is like the Dark Forest) my father Cinderfang, who is an elder in our Clan, my sister Maplewing, who is our loyal deputy, and my kits Flamekit and Firekit. They’re twins! I can barely tell them apart. My mate is Talonflame, a warrior in our Clan. Flamekit and Firekit look a lot like him! My pelt looks like gold and my eyes look like emeralds. (That’s what Talonflame says anyway, lol) My fur is also very long. Everyone says I’m smart, loyal and kind! Well, that’s it about me. Check out more posts including the one made by Stormcloud and the one made by Maplewing!
61 days ago
I am Silverleaf. I am a greyish silverish warrior. I am a she-cat and I am in WindClan and don't have a mate
94 days ago
I love Thunderclan
191 days ago
omg YES, riveerclan is AWSOME, or, so-called PAWSOME. lol sry, just had 2
192 days ago
I am in Riverclan it its the beeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssstttttttttttttttt tt clan ' cause i am in it i have blue eyes and silverish fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! GO RIVERCLAN i have a mate and 3 kits:)!! my leader is...................... Brookstar:) my mate is.................. Troutfur my kits are.........................Moonkit, Lilykit and Thistlekit:)
203 days ago
I am Swiftstorm and I have white fur with grey patches. I have blue eyes. My mate is Dustfeather and my kits are Sandystripe, shadenose and Midnightmoon!
241 days ago
Rainstar- Hello, Echokit! How are you? Very glad to see you have opened your eyes! Would you like to learn about your parents? Ahh, yes. Lizardstrike is a very nice and pretty Tortoiseshell and white she-cat, with beautiful, piercing amber eyes. The day she got that chip in her ear, she never wanted to go to the medicine den to get rid of it! And she didn't go! It was a blessing from Starclan it didn't get infected. Now, about your father, Lioneye, quite a handsome young tom, a lovely golden pelt. He is also very strong and loyal. His eyes are blue, like the sky. Well, off to my duties. See you later, Echokit!
258 days ago
I also have a mate and 2 kits.
258 days ago
I'm from RiverClan, I am a muscular gray she-cat with silver blue eyes.
275 days ago
I got white chest. She/he is a med cat. And the cats app is hallow paw
276 days ago
Hello guys :3
How are you doing today?
279 days ago
Honeyfall: She-cat, dark brown, and has a scar over her eye
Lionwind: Tom, Lighthaird, short haired
Tawnypelt: Tom, Originally from shadowclan, My deputy, Dark Brown.
279 days ago
My name is Goldstar I am leader of thunder clan. I am a golden-brown she-cat with a scar across my shoulder. I have 2 kits honeyfall and Lionwind. My mate is Tawnypelt. I am a strong, confident, beautiful cat.
281 days ago
Oceanstar is a loyal she-cat. Her mate is Sunpeak and has 4 kits named Goldenkit, Nightkit, Duskkit, and Rosekit. She has a calico pelt and is long furred. Is wise, respected, strong, and cunning
282 days ago
Hopefeather is a loyal she-cat. Her sister foxclaw is her best friend. Hopefeather has a mate called lionwhisker. She has 5 kits redkit, wishkit, thunderkit, flamekit and foxkit. They were named that because they were each named after a brave worrior. redkit was named after redtial. wishkit as wishstar. Thunderkit as thunderheart. Flamekit as flamesong. Foxkit as foxclaw.
285 days ago
Name: firestorm
Age: 28 moons
Clan: solarclan
Personality: strong, cunning, mean, ambitious.
Description: strong red Tom with golden patch on his back with white paws and bright yellow eyes.
He wants to be leader and then take over the clans and he will do anything he can to do it.
293 days ago
I am Wetfur, deputy of RiverClan. I have a silver-blue pelt, that is usually wet as I love swimming, and I have green eyes. My mate is named Smallpool, a small grey tom with yellow eyes, and I have 3 kits: Splashpaw, Stonepaw and Bluepaw. I had an apprentice, Leafpaw, but he became a warrior very soon (Leafpelt) as he was very good. My mother was the previous deputy of RiverClan, (deceased) and was named Blueface, a silver-blue cat with green eyes, basically a bigger version of me. My father was Mudpelt, a handsome brown cat with blue eyes. My brother was Woodclaw, a brown tom with green eyes, and my sister was Silversong, a pretty silver-blue cat with blue eyes. I died after accomplishing my greatest dream, dying a noble death defending a wounded apprentice against a hoard of badgers. StarClan predicted that I'll live on in the hearts of many young warriors, and I have; my name will never be forgotten.
335 days ago
I am Riversong, when I was young, I longer to run and fight like my brothers, Sharptail and Littlefang, but I am crippled, and cannot. My leg has always been too small and though I can walk, I will never be able to fight. I became a medicine cat after realizing I couldn't be a warrior, but I've never wanted to be one and I still don't feel right being one. Later on in life, I ran away, my mate cheated on me, and I got tired of life, so I ran. As a loner, I died in the woods, unable to help myself.