Is your warrior cat a Mary Sue?

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Here you can see if your cat is a Mary-Sue or not.

  • 1
    What is your cat?
  • 2
    If your cat is a clan-cat, what is his/her rank? (If your cat is a kit/apprentice, choose what they will be when they are older. If your cat is an elder, choose what he was when he was younger.)
  • 3
    If your cat is a tribe cat, what is his/her rank? (If your cat is a kit/to-be, choose what they will be when they are older. If your cat is an elder, choose what he was when he was younger.)

  • 4
    What personality is your cat?
  • 5
    What type is your cat?
  • 6
    What is your cat's main trait?

  • 7
    What is your cat's history?
  • 8
    What things are unusual in your cat?
  • 9
    What is the same/similar between you and your cat?
  • 10
    Rate this quiz 1-5.

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443 days ago
My cat is:

RippleClan (Non-Canon Clan)
A Gray She-Cat With A White Chest And Paws, And Blue Eyes
Abandoned By Her Birth Parents, Was Adopted
Fell In Love With A Cat From Another Clan (Wolfclaw)
Mother To Two Kits (Riversong, Rainstorm)
Father: Sparkflight (Adopted) Mother: Rainshadow (Adopted) Sister(s): Mistywater (Adopted)
Brother(s): Hawkstorm (Adopted)
Thats all uwu
529 days ago
Okay so my oc is:

White she-cat with amber eyes
Mentor to Driftpaw
No mate
Mother: Hazelfur
Father: Lionfang
Sister: Mossflower
529 days ago
Yay! A well-developed oc!
577 days ago
And so is Pine's ghost who watches over Flame and Sky and keeps Dusty from doing anything to them.
577 days ago
Sky (Dusty's most despised foal) is also a Gary Stu:(
578 days ago
I actually did this one for a wild horse character in an oroginal series (not a fanfic) named Dusty, and I keep getting that he is a Gary Stu! So here he is (non horse people don't know):
Dusty is a Palomino stallion with a scarred face. His childhood left him bitter, after he was injured jumping a log. He falls in love w/ the Healer, Dappled, but then discovers she has a mate. He recovers completely, but his father ignores him, and an old mare named Fawn asks her to be his mate. He doesn't want to, but doesn't want to be lonely either. After his very succesful half brother, Oak, is killed, everyone blames Dusty,but he didn't do it! He finds refuge meeting a loner named Daisy, and she bears his favorite of his 4 children, Flame. After she discovers how awful he really is, she breaks up with him and sends Flame to Sun Herd. Dusty kills her new mate, Pine, in a blind rage. Meanwhile, Fawn dies giving birth to sky, who moves to Sun Herd after Dusty rejects him. Meanwhile, Dusty lurks in the Shadows...
I'm sorry for all of you neighsayers who think this shouldn't be here. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLS!
636 days ago
Another OC:
Name: Maplewing
Gender: she-cat
Mother: Stormcloud (look at Goldenfang’s mother)
Father: Cinderfang (look at Goldenfang’s father)
Siblings: Goldenfang
Pelt color: brown, looks like a maple leaf
Breed: tabby
Hunting skill: 3/5 (good hunter)
Fighting skill: 5/5 (fighting master)
Intelligence: 4/5 (very smart)
Control over temper (lol): 1/5 (gets mad a lot)
Powers/abilities: Flying using her wings
636 days ago
My OC:
Name: Goldenfang
Gender: she-cat
Mother: Stormcloud (deceased and went to MoonClan, a version of the Dark Forest) Goldenfang trained with her but realized she was evil and decided to stop.
Father: Cinderfang (alive)
Siblings: Maplewing (named for her power of flying)
Pelt color: ginger
Breed: tabby
Hunting skill: 2/5 (hunting is good but not super good)
Fighting skill: 5/5 (fighting master)
Intelligence: 5/5 (very very smart)
Control over temper (lol): 1/5 (gets mad a lot)
Powers/abilities: Talking to other animals
907 days ago
Well developed character
Name: Rainwing/paw/kit
Highest rank: warrior (for now)
Description: White Siamese
Mother; shade face
Father: snow star
Siblings: dark spot and love heart
1006 days ago
And she had another as Deputy names Troutclaw
1006 days ago
Oh u forgot to mention Foxtail, her apprentice before she became deputy
1006 days ago
By the way that is only the FiRsT pArT. nUuUu more stuff to do. But Ima not do it bc I’m to lazy XD
1006 days ago
Maplestar: Backstory.
She is born as Maplekit alongside her brother and sisters, she has a small crush on Eaglekit at the start of her life. Her fondness switches to Graykit. She learns a prophecy as a kit and is usually cheerful despite the pressure of a prophecy. Eaglepaw and his littermates: Brackenpaw and Creampaw. She becomes friends with Cinderkit, Graykit sister though Littlekit, Graykit’s brother normally despises her of her liking to toms. She becomes an apprentice but begs Wolfstar if Graykit can become an apprentice earlier she tells him the prophecy and he agrees, hesitantly. Her mentor is Kestrelflight and she later gets involved in a fox attack after learning a few battle moves and hunting. She kills a confused fox but the fox hurtles her onto a tree. She ends up in StarClan, where she is though to be dead. She revived thanks to Mouse, a loner who knows herbs. She becomes closer to Mouse, now Mousepaw, and Rockleap, the Medicine Cats apprentice. Redstripe reveals that her father is not Dawnhaze but Wolfstar. She meets a kittypet named Sebastian, a ginger tabby with a white underbelly, legs and muzzle. She cannot choose between the three toms, Graypaw Mousepaw and Sebastian. Graypaw is then found dead in the forest. Not long after she becomes a warrior with the name Maplefrost. Eaglewing, now a warrior wants Maplefrost back. Goldenfeather keeps on wanting him but he merely takes her in as an apprentice to him. He takes over BushClan, and earns the name Eaglestar, much to Maplefrost’s shock, he kill Redstripe her mother and she is appointed the new Deputy. He then takes over PineClan before forcing WillowClan into his control. CedarClan is left. Maplefrost comes up with a plan. They will steal the rebels from WillowClan and give them a place to stay in their camp. She then gather more rebels and they all go into a fight. More cats from Eaglestar’s side go onto Maplefrost’s. Wolfstar loses his two remaining live, naming Maplefrost his successor.
1006 days ago
Name: Maplestar/frost/paw/kit

Highest Rank: Leader

Description: Russet/Red with two golden paws two white paws

Mother: Redstripe

Father: Wolfstar

Sisters: Goldenfeather, Shadefern

Brothers: Bushfur, Blackstripe

Extras: Is part of a prophecy
1006 days ago
What’s a borderline Mary Sue?
1085 days ago
I got well-developed but yet a borderline Mary-Sue. Here's the description of my OC;

Name: Swift`Kit, Swift`Paw, Swift`Bite

Rank: Warrior and a mentor. [ Deceased ]

Pelt Color: Grey with black, white, and darker grey stripes running along her back and up her tail, a lighter grey patch dragging across her chest and stomach.

Eyes: She has a green eye but has a scar running across her right eye.

Apprentice: Finch`Paw

Good Traits: Protective and wishful

Bad Traits: Akward, michevious, and cunning

Backstory: Her father, Storm`Breeze, was exiled for unknown reasons and her mother died giving birth to her litter of three, Dawn`Kit, Swift`Kit, and Brindle`Kit. They went their seperate ways after an arguement. Swift`Kit ended up in Thunderclan, Dawn`Kit found River`Clan, Brindle`Kit died due to a badger. After Storm`Breeze was exiled, he made his way to River`Clan, where Dawn`Paw thrived.

She was contacted by the Dark Forest in her dreams to assasinate Bark Star but she failed. Her cover blown by her crush and best friend, Rush Fang. (I think that is where Mary-Sue comes in.)
1116 days ago
Ash Hawk is my main and I think she’s fine but according to the test she’s a well-developed/border-sue

Name: Ashkit, Ashpaw, Ash Hawk
Age: 27 Moons
Rank: Warrior (former deputy)
Clan: Riverclan
Gender: She-cat
Mentor: Fox Claw
App.s: Frost Fang (dead)
Appearance: brown with a pale cream yellow underbelly a stripe on her nose to her forehead of the same color, black and yellow(er) spots on her back, white mittens on her front left and back right paws and white stockings for the other two paws, sharp green eyes in a romantic yet tired shape, her tail has multiple rings around her fluffy tail in this exact order from the tail tip down: white, red, black, orange, grey-brown, and finally yellow
Personality: clever, cunning, manipulative, stubborn, and romantic
Flaws: evil, stubborn, blood thirsty, mischievous
Likes: fighting, power, winning, and wars
Dislikes: losing, those of higher power, kits
Mother: Crowblossom (Riverclan)
Father: Nightclaw (Shadowclan)
Brother: FireSong (dead)
Sister: None
Mate: none
Kits: none
Ash Hawk was born into a prophecy. She was a smart kit and she didn’t like the other kits in fact she would go out of her way to be alone. As she grew her mentor (Fox Claw) taught her to fight and he was an amazing mentor so much so that Ash was one of the best fighters in the lake territory. when she was a warrior she started becoming self doubtful so after a few moons she straighten herself up and looked forward she become manipulative so she could talk her way around things and when that didn’t work she turned to violence and this is where the prophecy comes in
She was assigned deputy after the leader died and the deputy (FrostStar) took control she became power hungry and thought of the best way to become leader without the murder being on her paws
So she started a fire in the forest. She being a good actor acted scared and worried for everyone. The leader insisted on being the last one to leave and when the leader finally came running out she pushed the leader back in while the rest of the clan followed the med-cats (Hazel Mist ans Distant Eye they’re important remember them) and said as she pushed in Frost Star “This is MY clan now say hello to my brother for me...” and basically Scar vs. Mufasa threw him into the fire
She rushed to the group saying and giving crocodile tears “FrostStar! He... he didn’t make it...” everyone in grief however this gave Ash Hawk her power over the clan and then she got a bright idea
Take control over the entire lake territory
With her in full control she could make the changes she’s always wanted! This is when the cats I mention come in Distant Eye who was terribly nearsighted, Hazel Mist who was deaf, and Hazel’s sister Fox Flower who was mute. They came together to defeat Ash Hawk they knew they couldn’t defeat her in battle or by twisting her mind
So they came up with a plan to reform her by convincing her about the terrible choices she’s making
Ash finally realizing her mistakes
She collapsed in front of them and the three meek cats felt awkward the cat in charge of their life and future bowing before them in sorrow. Ash Hawk was allowed to stay as she was one of the best warriors in all time she just made some bad choices she didn’t believe the clan she knew a lie when she heard one so what did she do you ask?
She left the clan and died from lack of food as she wasn’t a good hunter she went to the Dark Forest and eventually trained a young upstart Frostpaw (Frost Fang) however they died after a Fox attack and so she lived the rest of eternity in the Dark Forest mourning and sorry for ever action she’s ever committed

The End
1265 days ago
Leafwing is between a well-developed character and a borderline Mary-Sue. Here's her bio

Name: Leafkit, Leafpaw, Leafwing
Age: 26 moons (2 years)
Rank: Warrior/Queen
Clan: Moonclan
Gender: She-cat
Mentor: Snowyheart (Formerly), Mousedust
Apprentice: None
Appearance: A cream cat with a white undercoat and gray spots
Personality: Cold, Rude
Flaws: Aggressive and angry
Likes: Fighting and her mate
Dislikes: Her brother, her daughter (Triplepaw), losing
Mother: Brightplum
Father: Crowclaw
Brother: Mudwing
Mate: Mousedust
First Litter:
Kits: Willowtree (Girl), Kestrelwing (Boy)
Second Litter:
Kits: Beepaw (Boy), Firepaw (Boy), Triplepaw (Girl)
Bio: Born to Brightplum and Crowclaw Leafkit was a mischevious kit. She would prank other kits and play fight with them. As an apprentice she didn't change. She became more aggressive and rude. She would demean and put down others. After her mentor Snowyheart got into an arguement with her about her behavior she slashed her mentor's face with her claws. Snowyheart lost sight in her eyes and retired to the elder's den. Mudpaw tried to tell his sister what she was doing was wrong, but she refused to listen. She resented her brother and never spoke to him again. She was then mentored to Mousedust. His abrasive nature appealed to her and she fell in love with him. After she was made a warrior the two became mates and had two litters of kits. Her youngest child who she named Triplekit was born with three legs. She resented this and pushed away her daughter. Mudwing eventually had to take care of her. Leafwing is respected by some, but hated by others in hr clan, but she will continue to fight to become the best warrior any clan has ever seen and no one will stop her.
1316 days ago
Night is between well-developed and borderline sue.Idk what's wrong with her,as she is just a normal loner who had normal,loving parents.
1362 days ago
My charachter is Trileg. She's a black medicine cat who is missing one leg. She has electric blue eyes.