Is your Warrior Cats OC a Mary/Gary Sue?

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Please do not hate if your OC was a Mary / Gary Sue and remember it's just my opinion

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    What pelt colour does your OC have?

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6 days ago
My other oc, Wildspirit is alsonot an Mary sue
6 days ago
My oc is:
Fur: silver tabby
Eyes: grey
Clan: Riverclan/Fallclan
Mate: Dusktail
Kits: Timmy(kittypet), Glowwing, Dragongem, and Spiritleaf.
Mom: Yellowwish
Dad: Snowclaw
Siblings: brother, Blackwing
Apprentices: Eagleclaw, Branchpaw(died:( ), Bounceflight and Gemheart.

She left Riverclan to make her own clan, Fallclan. She is not an Mary sue...
92 days ago
Here are my 2 OC's:
Name: Heartflight
Rank: Warrior
Pelt: Black+white with pale green eyes
Parents: Honeynose (see Mothberry's mom), Paledew (see Mothberry's dad)
Temprament: Calm, quiet, shy, peaceful
Mate: Gina (stray cat/rogue)
Kits: Slashpaw, unnamed she kit)
Apprentice: Sugarpaw
Cause of death: Alive
118 days ago
I tried it again for a different OC of mine, Jayheart, and it said i should be happy with what i created!:D Description: Gray with white legs and tail, tail tip is gray, very long tail, light blue eyes. Personality: Clumsy, very shy around cats he barely knows, bad warrior, kind dumb to be honest, though a big- hearted cat around the ones he loves, and sympathetic. Littermates: Beebuzz, and Lilypetal. Cause of death: Lilypetal killed him. (Geez i'm glad i don't have you as a sibling, Lilypetal.) Rank: Warrior. Mates: Amberlion (That's the reason Lilypetal killed him, he had a mate outside WindClan.) Kits: Creamykit(Snow), Dovekit(Light). Backstory: He was always a terrible warrior, and the reason he didn't become a Med. cat is his littermate, Beebuzz already was a Med. cat, with her mentor, Birchbark, and was often bullied by how weak he was.
118 days ago
Yay it said my main character has a good balance!:D Name: Springbloom (Nickname Violetfur.) Description: Small brown she-cat with a slightly longer tail. Violets stuck in her fur, light green eyes. Important losses to her: Her mother, Wolfpelt. Personality: Self conscious, short-tempered, though caring for her family and, friends. Cats who romantically love her. Sagestar has a crush on her. Rank: Med. cat. Mates: None. Kits: None Clan: WindClan. Backstory: StarClan wanted her to become a warrior, but when she became a Med. cat, StarClan killed her mother, Wolfpelt, and when that happened Springbloom felt guilty, and was ashamed of herself.
126 days ago
Yes RavenFeather ain’t a Gary sue!!

Imma give some info cause why not

Kits:FawnKit, BlackKit, DuskKit

He is a horrible hunter but is amazing at fighting cause he walks so loudly prey here’s him from a mile away
152 days ago
152 days ago
Maplewing, Goldenfang’s sister, is not a Mary Sue either!
174 days ago
Yesssss my OC is not a Mary Sue!
Name: Goldenfang
Gender: She-cat
Pelt: Golden tabby
Ranks Had In Life: Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Queen, Deputy, Leader
Age Lived: 0-97 moons
Clan: LakeClan (a made up clan)
Favorite prey: Birds and fish
Mother: Stormcloud (went to MoonClan, a version of dark forest)
Father: Cinderfang (still alive but will go to SunClan, a version of StarClan)
Sister: Maplewing
Mate: Blackheart
Kits: Flamekit and Firekit
Strength: 4/5
Intelligence: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Loyalty: 3/5
Attack Power: 5/5
Defense Power: 2/5
Biggest Fear: Losing her sister, Maplewing
Power: Speaking to foxes, badgers, and dogs (its part of a prophecy)
174 days ago
LOL I did the test for Firestar and it said he’s almost Gary Stu oh no!!
178 days ago
Name: Lilydawn
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Deputy
Clan: SkyClan
Age: 50 moons
Mate: ???
Kits: None
Apperance: Cinnamon Tortoiseshell with Sky-Blue Eyes, and a Bushy Tail
197 days ago
Name: Silverleaf
Gender: She-Cat
Rank: Apprentice med cat
Age: 9 moons
Mate: none
Kits: None
244 days ago
Name: ShadowPelt
Gender: Tom
Rank: med cat
Age: 10-12 moons
Mate: none
Kits: none
Injuries: scar on leg, torn ear
Powers: telepathy
Prophecies: 1papyrus
373 days ago
Name: hazel'cry
Gender: she-cat
Clan: river clan
Appearance: orange tortoisehell
Rank: Nursery helper
Favourite prey: squirrels and rabbits
Traits: gentle, shy, clumsy
???: you are the purest of the pure, full of love and gracefulness that earns your clan mates respect. You do good deeds on a daily basis without expecting anything in return.
Appearance: a combo of light and dark colours with green eyes

Strength: 4/6
Speed: 5/6
Stamina: 6/6
Loyalty: 6/6
Courage: 2/6
Vision: 5/6
Attack: 1/6
Defence: 6/6
Mate: 1
Kits: 4
Flaws: too quiet, soft, and nocturnal
Fear: of losing family and friends
377 days ago
A lot of people seem to have an issue with the name involving the word spirit. I was wondering why this is such an issue. It has cannonically been used before. I also think Spiritflame is a pretty sounding name.
520 days ago
Name: Nightfern
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: kit at the start of the fanfic but I put her warrior name anyway
Appearance: black she-cat with dark green eyes
Mate: she has a crush on a ShadowClan tom

please don't steal her. :3
555 days ago
Rank: warrior
Age: IDK I'm lazy
Fur: Dark brown Tabby white spot on forehead and black paws
Eyes: Stormy, green
Mate: Tigerstripe
Kit(s): none (Hates kits)

A noice cheese 🧀
No stealing plz
573 days ago
Ack I meant a great name
573 days ago
Ack if your of is black or grey it should be a gray name
579 days ago
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