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Is your Warrior Cats OC a Mary/Gary Sue?

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Please do not hate if your OC was a Mary / Gary Sue and remember it's just my opinion

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    What pelt colour does your OC have?

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267 days ago
I am Skyheart the Windclan deputy. I moved with some of my family from Skyclan to Windclan. Half of my family was already in Windclan because they move to be mates with someone or something like that. The Skyclan cats didn't trust us, so we left. My brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandmother were already there. I was a young warrior when we moved. When my parents and me broke the news to the clan, they were angry. They said they knew our family was scum. My friend, Antleg, turned her back on me. Windclan didn't seem too surprised when we got there. Windclan welcomed us, and I was reunited with my brother. Over time I got comfortable in Windclan and got a new friend, Aspenwing. When I was in Skyclan, I was good friends with Cloudfur. She was nice. But she was quite a bit older than me, and became a warrior whe I became an apprentice. At gatherings when I moved to Windclan, I chatted with Cloudfur's sister, Moonstrike. We became best friends and couldn't wait to see each other at the gatherings. But I fell in love with a Riverclan cat named Copperclaw. He's handsome and a really good swimmer. He was amazed by me, too. I could tell. He starred at me and whenever we had to share a word, he tried to avoid looking at me and he stuttered when he talked. I know I've seen him stare in awe whenever he saw chasing a rabbit. That was across the border, of course. We don't break the code. Especailly since we were both deputies. Actually, Longstar is the Windclan leader. He's my grandfather, too. My dad, Cedarpelt, is so proud of the both of us. The only problem is that he was super proud when the medicine cat, Poppyshade, said I was pregnant. He didn't know I was pregnant with Copperclaw's kits. I slowly eased into talking to my brother, Branchnose about it. I could tell he had no interest caring for any more kits, since he already had some kits with his mate, Cherryleaf. Too add on to the stress, Longstar died right about when I gave birth. The clan decided who would fill in for me at the moment. Majority ruled, Amberclaw would act as leader for the time-being. I tried to tell Poppyshade I should choose my deputy right then and there, but she insisted I should rest. I was releaved when Poppyshade didn't recognize Copperclaw in Rootkit and Heatherkit. I still had Sunkit, too. Even though I loved my kits so very dearly and wanted to stay, I had to get Amberclaw out of his position. He was changing Windclan into a blood-thirsty battle clan. He's a cold cat. THough handsome and charming and strong he may be, he is cold and cares about no one but his own selfish needs. Some of Amerclaw's followers tried to stop me from becoming Skystar. I over-heard a cat even say I shouldn't be leader. "Her name is a disgrace to Windclan." I couldn't beleive it when that cat was Branchnose! Why is outraged when I found Amberclaw had gone to the Starpool already, "thinking Skyheart let him be leader" Such an excuse! Pathetic! I was outraged but Branchnose and other cats said I'd have to "wait my turn to become leader" Rootpaw, Heatherpaw and Sunpaw took my side, but it was n use. When Sunpaw died in a battle Amberstar caused against Shadowclan, I had almost lost hope. I talked to Copperclaw, now Copperstar one evening inside Riverclan's territory. I suggested me moving into Riverclan with Rootpaw and Heatherpaw. Copperstar told me to not loose hope. But if worst comes to worst, we would discuss. So I'm still living in Windclan, even plotting Amberstar's death. He has killed many cats, and it's time for him to move to the dark forest. I'm also praying with Starclan, wishing Cedarpelt will have a safe passage into Starclan from the battlefeild and for my mom, Ryestem, to join Cedarpelt when she dies from the elders den.

It says mine has to have more flaws. In my later age, I became stubborn and quick to jump to conclusions and the slightest bit snappy. Need more?
314 days ago
My OC, Amberleaf, is a pretty gray she-cat with amber eyes. she is the daughter of the RiverClan leader, Silverstar, and she is spun ky and stubborn, but she is smart and loyal and can be kind when she wants to be. Her best friend is Dawnstream, a lovely white she-cat who is blind in one eye. She is kind and caring but can be fierce when she needs to be. Amberleaf is mentor to Honeypaw, and the clan is eventually betrayed by Redpelt, the clan medicine cat. Amberleaf has to save the clan from a new clan, FireClan, that has formed in secret and is now trying to take over the entire forest. Amberleaf eventually turns into AmberStar and Dawnstream has a kit.
334 days ago
the creator of ghost'mask, weasel'star and dotted'field speaking, so i often come back here. Time to meet my newest oc!
Name : Pineflame
gender: tom
age: 35 moons
rank: warrior
clan: shadowclan
appearence: a red pelted tom with a white leg and white tail tip, dark red ears and muzzle, who also has thick fur and piercing blue eyes.
personality: a caring and sweet tom who enjoys spending time with his friends.
likes: shaded areas, going for walks, story telling, and spending time with his clanmates.
dislikes: foxes, evil cats, dogs, badgers and rain.
strengths: his thick fur can sometimes protect him from scratches, he is also extremely skilled in combat in dark woods
weaknesses: he is a way to caring cat, so you could easily manipulate him.
family: mother> Haredew} a sleek red pelted she-cat with dark red markings and soft gold eyes - dad> Birchsnarl> a white pelted tom with light-grey ears and icy blue eyes - Reedtip> a dark red pelted tom with thick fur and white spots and gold eyes.
friends: Brownbreeze> a calm oak-ish brown pelted tom with amber eyes and a leen build :deputy: - Birdblossom> a cheerful calico she with bright grey eyes :warrior: - Swiftcall> a energetic and loud tuxedo she-cat with amber eyes - Obsidian> a black pelted tom with white and sandy yellow markings and emerald green eyes :loner.
apprentice(s): Poppypaw> a energetic and friendly tom who has sleek white fur and a red muzzle - Leaffall> a stern and slightly rude tuxedo she with brown eyes and spiky fur.
Backstory: Pinekit and Reedkit where born into shadowclan during the rein of Hazelstar, the two brothers where never seen apart untill their apprenticehood where they both trained on different times. During this time Pinepaw met Brownpaw and Birdpaw who he ended up befriending with Reedpaw. Pinepaw and Reedpaw did end up seeing the death of their father; Birchsnarl during a fox attack in camp, breaking the brothers' hearts. But when they had eachother to lean on nothing could stop them, the brothers both got their warrior ceremonies and became warriors. When Pineflame, Birdblossom, Swiftcall, Reedtip and Brownbreeze all became 30 moons the old deputy Applewish died, and Brownbreeze was chosen as the new one. Pineflame also met a loner named Obsidian who he didn't chase away when noticing the poor cat was starving. After a while Pineflame and Obsidian grew a friendship, that eventually becane a forbidden relationship when Pineflame was 35 moons. But Brownbreeze also has an eye for the red pelted tom, wich caused some drama between the two childhood friends because Pineflame turned Brownbreeze down. They are currently mending their friendschip but Brownbreeze is suspicious about Pineflame leaving camp almost every night now.
(Reedtip, Birdblossom and Swiftcall do know about Pineflame and Obsidian but pretend they don't to protect their friend/brother)
- this is all info about Pineflame's story i've got so far, hope you like him and please don't steal his idea!-
378 days ago
Alright, heres my oc.

Rye is a former loner, who lived in a barn. He was seen as a pest and was poisoned and left to die.
While stumbling through the forest, a shadowclan patrol came across him and took pity on him. After all, he was 7 moons old.

He is a light sandy colour tabby with thick fur and amber eyes.
Hes timid and a quick thinker.
379 days ago
'AND I AM BACK WITH MY THIRD OC!! (this is Weasel'star and Dotted'Field 's owner speaking)
Name: Ghost'Mask
Why They Were Named That: Ghost: ghost was born during winter, and due to his pelt beng mostly white he looked a bit like a ghost in the snow - Mask: he has a grey mask on his face
Gender: Tom
Age: 39 moons
Rank: warrior
Clan: thunderclan
Appearance: a white tom with a grey mask, and grey spots on his body and legs, his tail is a grdient from white to dark-grey. He has blue eyes, and a scar on his left (blind) eye
Personality: a calm and friendly cat who would never judge his friends for what they did
Likes: sun-bathing, hunting, training his apprentice (Tatterd'Paw), and spending time with friends
Dislikes: rouges, cats who lie, rude cats, and fish
Skills: this tom is a very skilled hunter, but also someone some cats ask for advice due to him being honest.
Strengths: He is very skilled in rocky terain during a fight, especially during winter due to his white fur
Weaknesses: since he's blind on his left, he will be more vounrable if you attack him on the left
Family: Mom: Petal'Tail > a white she-cat with a grey mask and grey spots on her fur and soft amber eyes - Dad : Blizzard'Scowl > a tuxedo tom with piercing blue eyes
Friends: Soot'WIng > a light brown tom with a long muzzle and stuc tail, with green eyes - Sorrel'Snap > a tabby tom with a thick pelt and brown eyes
Enemies: Needle'Spike > a grey tom with spiky fur and amber eyes
Apprentices: Tatterd'Paw > a friendly and energetic she-cat who has a missing bak left leg, who was supposed to become the medicin apprentice, but after showing how much she hated it Ghost started training her
Backstory: Ghost'kit was born into thunder clan during the rein of Sharp'Star, as he grew up with SOrrel'kit, who was the same age as him. When ghost became a apprentice he met a kitty-pet named Timmy, who he quickly befriended. After a while Timmy wished to join thunder clan and after some trials and proving his worth, he was accepted into thunder clan and became Soot'Paw. Shortly after ghost went hunting with his friends, alone to prove they where able to be warriors. But tragety struck and ghost got blinded in his left eye due to a rabbit he tried to catch. The 3 apprentices where scolded for their actions but later on did become warriors. Ghost and his friends are now just living happilkky in Thunderclan, with their new leader Dripping'Star
383 days ago
Can I even comment here..?
474 days ago
I think she got an ok but I could have done better she got 42%
I guess I should tell you about her cause I kind of want to ok
Name : Darkflame (duh lol)
Rank: Warrior
Mate(s): Dappledclover( dead), Thrushwing
Sons: Sleetscar and Flamecloud
Daughter: Flareear
Mother: Tanfoot(dead)
Father: Scarletface(dead)
Description: a smoky black-gray she-cat with pinkish-white ears, swirly stripes, and tail tip
Personality: very self-conscious, shy, has anxiety, affected easily, but quite kind
516 days ago
i am happy to say my sewest oc is also not a gary seu, sso lemme tell you about him!
Name: Weaselstar ( Weaselfang )
Rank: leader
fur: a white belly + legs, his shoulders and chest beinng a grey-ish light brown, and has white ear tips,
eyes: a normal bleu
clan: windclan
mate: he hasn't found the love he needs yet.
kits: Branchpaw ( weaselstar adopted him when branch was around 5 moons and found near wc by a patrol.)
sibling(s) : Thornmask (alive), Berryhop ( dead; fox attack), blazepelt (alive?) (blaze peltt went missing around 6 moons after weasel star became leader.)
apprentice: Weasel has mentored 3 cats now; hollowsong, wildear, and flowerstep. (all alive and well)
personality: this tom is very kind, and put's the lives of his clan mates before his own, but he can be very rude if you get on his bad side.
backstory: Weaselkit was born as a half clan kit along with berrykit, he and his siter grew very close, but the young kit always followed his oldest brothers; Thornpaw, and blazepaw around where ever he could, when weasel became a apprentice, he trained under a respected warrior named Halftail, and they grew a sort of father and son relationship as weaselpaw grew up without one, weaselpaw got his name weaselfang deu to the fact when in cmbat he used his speed to supride his enem with a throat bite. After becoming deputy, he sadly lost his sister berryhop to a fox attack, and promised to never let a cat die deu to foxes ever again. And after he became leader, he adopted a young and abandond kit named branch, but sadly after a while weaselstar's brother blazemask vannished. This hit weasel hard, but with thornmask still by his side,. Weaselstar will make sure windclan stays safe.
/ disclaimer, please do not take my oc, you may base of of them, but dont only change the name or rank! ty. \
542 days ago
my oc =
Name: Dottedfield
Rank: medicin cat
fur: tortise shell
eyes: bright blue
clan: windclan
mate: Nah! This guy stays loyale to his code.
kits: he was close to adopting a abandond kit that no queen would take, but the deputy decided to take the kit insted. (kits name was Hollow, yes they where found as a kitty-pet)
sibling(s) : Poppypaw (died to a monster)
apprentice? : he hasn't found one he finds is up for the job yet.
Personality: He's a kind, butsacrastic tom who is able to know what you're feeling by just looking at you're expression!
backstory: Dottedkit was born in tc and loved it there, but the young kit loved visiting the medicin cat;s den, and as he became a app the medicin cat found him up for the job. Dottedpaw trained hard, but sadly his twin sister passed away to a monster. Dottedpaw was horrified by this and barely slept, but his friends Adderpaw, and Snailpaw helped him. When his mentor died he took over gaining the name Dottedfield, and became a respected medicin cat.
/side note; please don't take my oc- you may base of of him, but don't fully copy and just change the name!\
603 days ago
My other oc, Wildspirit is alsonot an Mary sue
603 days ago
My oc is:
Fur: silver tabby
Eyes: grey
Clan: Riverclan/Fallclan
Mate: Dusktail
Kits: Timmy(kittypet), Glowwing, Dragongem, and Spiritleaf.
Mom: Yellowwish
Dad: Snowclaw
Siblings: brother, Blackwing
Apprentices: Eagleclaw, Branchpaw(died:( ), Bounceflight and Gemheart.

She left Riverclan to make her own clan, Fallclan. She is not an Mary sue...
690 days ago
Here are my 2 OC's:
Name: Heartflight
Rank: Warrior
Pelt: Black+white with pale green eyes
Parents: Honeynose (see Mothberry's mom), Paledew (see Mothberry's dad)
Temprament: Calm, quiet, shy, peaceful
Mate: Gina (stray cat/rogue)
Kits: Slashpaw, unnamed she kit)
Apprentice: Sugarpaw
Cause of death: Alive
715 days ago
I tried it again for a different OC of mine, Jayheart, and it said i should be happy with what i created!:D Description: Gray with white legs and tail, tail tip is gray, very long tail, light blue eyes. Personality: Clumsy, very shy around cats he barely knows, bad warrior, kind dumb to be honest, though a big- hearted cat around the ones he loves, and sympathetic. Littermates: Beebuzz, and Lilypetal. Cause of death: Lilypetal killed him. (Geez i'm glad i don't have you as a sibling, Lilypetal.) Rank: Warrior. Mates: Amberlion (That's the reason Lilypetal killed him, he had a mate outside WindClan.) Kits: Creamykit(Snow), Dovekit(Light). Backstory: He was always a terrible warrior, and the reason he didn't become a Med. cat is his littermate, Beebuzz already was a Med. cat, with her mentor, Birchbark, and was often bullied by how weak he was.
715 days ago
Yay it said my main character has a good balance!:D Name: Springbloom (Nickname Violetfur.) Description: Small brown she-cat with a slightly longer tail. Violets stuck in her fur, light green eyes. Important losses to her: Her mother, Wolfpelt. Personality: Self conscious, short-tempered, though caring for her family and, friends. Cats who romantically love her. Sagestar has a crush on her. Rank: Med. cat. Mates: None. Kits: None Clan: WindClan. Backstory: StarClan wanted her to become a warrior, but when she became a Med. cat, StarClan killed her mother, Wolfpelt, and when that happened Springbloom felt guilty, and was ashamed of herself.
724 days ago
Yes RavenFeather ain’t a Gary sue!!

Imma give some info cause why not

Kits:FawnKit, BlackKit, DuskKit

He is a horrible hunter but is amazing at fighting cause he walks so loudly prey here’s him from a mile away
750 days ago
750 days ago
Maplewing, Goldenfang’s sister, is not a Mary Sue either!
772 days ago
Yesssss my OC is not a Mary Sue!
Name: Goldenfang
Gender: She-cat
Pelt: Golden tabby
Ranks Had In Life: Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Queen, Deputy, Leader
Age Lived: 0-97 moons
Clan: LakeClan (a made up clan)
Favorite prey: Birds and fish
Mother: Stormcloud (went to MoonClan, a version of dark forest)
Father: Cinderfang (still alive but will go to SunClan, a version of StarClan)
Sister: Maplewing
Mate: Blackheart
Kits: Flamekit and Firekit
Strength: 4/5
Intelligence: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Loyalty: 3/5
Attack Power: 5/5
Defense Power: 2/5
Biggest Fear: Losing her sister, Maplewing
Power: Speaking to foxes, badgers, and dogs (its part of a prophecy)
772 days ago
LOL I did the test for Firestar and it said he’s almost Gary Stu oh no!!
775 days ago
Name: Lilydawn
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Deputy
Clan: SkyClan
Age: 50 moons
Mate: ???
Kits: None
Apperance: Cinnamon Tortoiseshell with Sky-Blue Eyes, and a Bushy Tail