Is your Warrior Cats OC a Mary Sue?

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This is my opinion okay? I got this idea from another user on another website.

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    What clan?

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257 days ago
ohmygosh S p u n k y is not a bad word.
257 days ago
Not sure why it put 👮y as a bad word.
257 days ago
My OC, Amberleaf, is a pretty gray she-cat with amber eyes. she is the daughter of the RiverClan leader, Silverstar, and she is 👮y and stubborn, but she is smart and loyal and can be kind when she wants to be. Her best friend is Dawnstream, a lovely white she-cat who is blind in one eye. She is kind and caring but can be fierce when she needs to be. Amberleaf is mentor to Honeypaw, and the clan is eventually betrayed by Redpelt, the clan medicine cat. Amberleaf has to save the clan from a new clan, FireClan, that has formed in secret and is now trying to take over the entire forest. Amberleaf eventually turns into AmberStar and Dawnstream has a kit.
469 days ago
Greetings! I'm Swandapple, RiverClan's deputy. I am a she-cat with a mate called Sunwhisker. (A golden tabby tomcat with green eyes. He was formerly from ThunderClan, and Firestar is his ancestor, but is now a loyal Riverclan warrior.) I have silver-grey eyes the color of a rising storm, and a sleek silver pelt with dappled black markings. (Hence the name Swandapple.) I have two kits: Dawnsky, (A muscular silver she-cat with warm green eyes, known for her skill at fishing) and Minnowpaw (A lithe golden tabby she-cat with gray eyes.) In terms of personality, I'm known for being strong-willed, but smart as a whip and an excellent fighter, but am not quick to forget past grudges or grievances. I eventually become clan leader and lead RiverClan to glory.

Also please don't copy OC. Thx :)

485 days ago
Sootdream is cool by the way
485 days ago
Featherkit accidentally
brick clan Lore by Being born a half-clan if that counts :/
485 days ago
But that's not interesting :/
485 days ago
So featherkit doesn't have an interesting backstory. Of course not, she's only a kit for starclan's sake! Although, she is a half-clan. She doesn't know that yet though.
Oh ye and there's something that happened with Eagleheart and Sunsetstrike but it hasn't got to the good bit yet...;)
500 days ago
yeah, he doesnt have an interesting backstory lol. that isnt really important though, as its the presetnt that matters in my story :)
544 days ago
She needs a more interesting backstory you say? Here is her backstory. She was originally from BloodClan but her and her siblings ran away after their sister died of starvation since there was a food shortage, Sootdream passed out in the middle of the forest since she didn’t have a lot of energy and was found by ThunderClan and is still being hunted by BloodClan. But, yeah that’s TOTALLY NOTinteresting. -_-
609 days ago
I did not create this character I am just creating a backstory for Hawkheart (evil med cat, killed Moonflower?) in my theory, Daisytoe (Moonflower's mother) killed Hawkheart's sister Grasspaw, so now he hates Thunderclan. Then, Chiveclaw (med cat before Hawkheart) forced him to become a medicine cat because he was told by StarClan that Hawkheart would destroy WindClan if he didn't become a medicine cat. Hawkheart was very unhappy being a medicine cat, and he was hungry for blood and vengeance. So, when a cat that looks JUST LIKE the one that killed Grasspaw starts stealing his herb store? He kills her. OBVIOUSLY. Now he is the least crazy cat in the dark forest and is sad because Grasspaw is in StarClan and he misses her. Sorry if you hate Hawkheart, I just don't hate him...
613 days ago
Also, please don't copy my story. Thank you!
613 days ago
My oc, Loneheart, is pretty well developed. But nOoOOo I need a more interesting backstory than most of the people she loved died! Her mother, of a heart attack, her father, of shock, her littermates, of poisoned milk from their foster mother, and her foster mother, which of whom was mean to Loneheart before she died, and she died of a talon that she accidently ate from a eagle she ate. So... yeah.
628 days ago
BTW Mothberry is now Mothstar!
634 days ago
Yay! This is ONE of my 1st OC's Mothberry. If you don't know her yet she is ginger w/ green eyes and was caputered by Twolegs and she is Creekclan deputy now.
653 days ago
It said this to me ""Your character is not a Mary Sue. its quite original but not the best it could be. Try making an interesting backstory for the character"". My character is not a mary sue but not well developed.
657 days ago
Try making a better backstory for your character:D Um.... you hardly said anything about that department at all. You didn't let me tell you that when Springbloom lost her mother she hated herself, and also StarClan wished her to become a warrior but when she became a Med. cat StarClan wanted her dead.(Story plot completely open to anyone:)
779 days ago
My of isn't a Mary Sue!!!