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This quiz is based on Erin Hunters Warrior Cats series! Today you will see if you would make a good medicine cat or if all of your clan mates would die under your paws! Let’s hope you like your answers and May StarClan light your path!

  • 1
    Today your Clan-Mate’s Tree’Nose and Birch’Claw are suffering from bad bellies after accidentally eating crow food! What should they do?
  • 2
    An elder named Fern’Shade has been sleeping in wet Bedding/Moss! They are complaining about being cold and aching joints! Poor thing…?
  • 3
    There's a Green’Cough outbreak in your camp and you're low on Catmint! Kits and Elders are getting extremely sick and a couple warriors are too?

  • 4
    There’s been a severe battle with Riverclan. Moon’Tail and Juniper’Paw have wrenched claws and deep wounds all over and Moon’Tail is shocked after loosing her mate Yarrow’Heart. You…?
  • 5
    A sickly Queen named Fallow’Heart has had four kits, her and her kits are all weak. Shortly after the birth three of the kits are dead and Falloow’Heart is devastated…?
  • 6
    A apprentice Night’Paw has fallen through the ice and into the freezing cold lake, she is shocked cold and half drowned. You…?

  • 7
    A cat named Ash, a rogue who has been brought to camp unconscious and your clan mates claims he has been attacked by a Fox you…?
  • 8
    You are out collecting herbs at sunrise before leaf-bare and you really need herbs. You collect…?
  • 9
    You get a prophecy! Ice will melt and Blood will rise! Your leader Ice’Star is in his final life you…?
  • 10
    The Wind’Clan medicine cat Apple’Mist informs you that they are suffering from Green cough and are low on Catmint?

  • 11
    You are in need of an apprentice! You choose…?
  • 12
    Your apprentice wants to know the best remedy for White’Cough! You…?
  • 13
    You find yourself crushing on a Shadow’Clan cat named Shadow’Feather but you want to be a loyal medicine cat! Soon enough you find yourself as their mate! You…?
  • 14
    Your apprentice has asked you if you are expecting kits due to your size, you have been noticing the symptoms you…?
  • 15
    You give birth to two kits, you don’t know what to do with them! You…?
  • 16
    Your apprentice needs a full name for completing their training…?

  • 17
    The cat who killed your leader is severely injured! You…?
  • 18
    A Thunder’Clan patrol comes to steal your whole supply of herbs! You…?
  • 19
    Dusty’Nose and Snail’Heather bring you herbs but the herbs they bring you are not the herbs you asked for…?
  • 20
    A terrible fire rages through camp, Kits, Apprentinces, and your herbs are in danger! You…?

  • 21
    The herb you need after a battle with rats is on the other side of a horribly busy Thunder Path! You…?
  • 22
    Your kits Robbin’Pelt and Hare’Tail are now warriors and they find out you are their mother! You…?
  • 23
    Would you rather be a warrior, med cat, leader, or deputy?
  • 24
    Four cats are going on a journey… you.?
  • 25
    How did your cat die?

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80 days ago
The quiz is fun. But according to it I'm already dead?