What is your warrior name, appearance and clan she-cats please!

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This will determine your name, clan, and appearance,

  • 1
    First of all, what clan do you wish to be in
    First of all, what clan do you wish to be in
  • 2
    What position do you want to be in?
  • 3
    At a gathering, you would be found:

  • 4
    If there was a battle against another clan, you could save one cat, the others would be slayed who would you pck to save?
  • 5
    What are your favorite colors?
  • 6
    Would you want a mate?

  • 7
    Would you want kits?
  • 8
    What activity is the best?
  • 9
    Which cat do you like the most?
  • 10
    Which prey?

  • 11
    There is a chance for you to be leader but your friend really wanted to. do you them have it or do you take it?
  • 12
    You are...
  • 13
    What do you do if you see a lost kit?

Comments (27)


147 days ago
Awww I'm a med cat i wish i was a leader... oh wait... I AM SUMMERSTAR OF RIVERCLAN!!!!! (Previously Summerstorm)
323 days ago
I'm white flower.I wish I was a clan leader or deputy
325 days ago
I’m Whiteflower, the Windclan’s medicine cat

I wish I was a warrior, queen, senior warrior, leader, or deputy
583 days ago
I am a Thunderclan warrior.
593 days ago
I am also Adderpelt and Addervenom. Please check out my Wings of Fire Fan Fiction called Wings of Fire the Black Continent and Warriors Duskmoon and Dawnsun.

Greetings all cats taking this quiz. I am Adderstar, EarthClan’s proud leader. I have come to deliver the message: “StarClan loves you, one day your time will be up. Lost spirits wander, so be good so your not out of luck. Take care of your life and be strong and kind. Take care of your Clan.” That is the prophecy. Goodbye. Join EarthClan by sending me an OC by Email that says EarthClan or find a warriors Fan Fic of mine and post an OC. LONG LIVE EARTHCLAN AND MAY STARCLAN LIGHT YOUR PATH!
617 days ago
i was dullstar but i like thunderclan im in shadowclan
826 days ago
I'm in thunderclan but i like riverclan best.
868 days ago
im a med cat whhyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i wanna have kits but the warrior codeeee
881 days ago
im a medicine cat but im gonna secretly give birth
1050 days ago
I'm Whiteflower the WindClan medicine cat. I dont know who she is, but at least I'm a med.cat
1117 days ago
loved this quiz so much :)
1117 days ago
You are the windclan medicine cat. Your name is whiteflower because you have a white coat and green eyes. you heal cats and help the clan you are a little anxious at times.
1147 days ago
nooooooo I'm a med cat
1165 days ago
I'm a medicine cat NOOOOOOO 😭😭
1276 days ago
I’m whiteflower the windclan medicine cat. /:
1349 days ago
You are the shadowclan leader! your name is dullstar. You are a black cat with distinctive yellow belly, paws, and eyes. you are quite a good leader but you are slightly impatient. you have no kits and shadow worships you. Your deputy is darkclaw
This was a great quiz to take, fun, but I’m ThunderClan... Also, that’s a very interesting coat... I’d prefer something like grey-and-white... Good to know I’m a good leader, but most of my answers were directed to queen or warrior. I did say I would want a mate and kits... I’m not sure if I would prefer Whiteflower or not
1368 days ago
Well I am a bit full of myself, but I don't have an apprentice and I'm from Riverclan!
1376 days ago
im DulLsTaR tHE HoTTeSt Sc LeADR
1410 days ago
Greetings! I am a Kittypet named Luna! I have a beige coat and yellow eyes. I am kind, very snappy at times, but I love to play! I have one kit named Dawn, and she looks exactly like me, but she has green eyes. Hope you like my description!
1423 days ago
Greetings to all. My name is Irisfall and I'm the medicine cat of IceClan. (My OC Clan) My mentor was a tom named Blackstream and I am a black she-cat with unusual tabby stripes along with sky-bue eyes. I am passionate about helping my Clanmates with the knowledge of herbs. For the quiz results, I received Whiteflower of WindClan although I prefer ThunderClan. Thank you for reading this and may StarClan light your path.