Who are your kits and mate?

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Ever wonder who your mate and kits are they take this quiz

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    What do you look like?
  • 2
    Who is your mate?
  • 3
    How many kits?

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    What is your suffix?
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    What is your rank?
  • 8
    Your mates clan?
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    Your mates rank?
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    Did you like this quiz?

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455 days ago
To do this i will change the username, it'll be :
So this is my profile
455 days ago
Anyway, i didn't like that too much so i will go with Shadowspot and Skyheart and make my profile
455 days ago
By the way i did not write that, my brother did
455 days ago
Death, bbllooooddďddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddd
455 days ago
It said i was Lightleap, SkyClan deputy, orange tabby fur, mate is the leader Pinewing and two kits - Sapwillow and Sparkfeather both she cats
507 days ago
I have ShadowStorm but I want to do my profile.
-Im Shadow'Spot my mate is Red'Song and my kits are:BerryKit(she),CloudKit(she),FrostKit (he) and SunKit(she) and MorningKit(she)and NightKit(he)and StarKit(she)and Spotkit(he).
Ik I have very much kits!
648 days ago
Actually, this kind of close!
Your name is Shadowstorm you have a black pelt and blue eyes your clan is windclan you are a warrior your mate is the riverclan deputy his name is cloverstep you have four kits nightpaw(she cat) spotpaw(tom) rainpaw(she cat) and birdpaw(tom)

this is me:
I am Skyheart the Windclan deputy. I moved with some of my family from Skyclan to Windclan. Half of my family was already in Windclan because they move to be mates with someone or something like that. The Skyclan cats didn't trust us, so we left. My brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandmother were already there. I was a young warrior when we moved. When my parents and me broke the news to the clan, they were angry. They said they knew our family was scum. My friend, Antleg, turned her back on me. Windclan didn't seem too surprised when we got there. Windclan welcomed us, and I was reunited with my brother. Over time I got comfortable in Windclan and got a new friend, Aspenwing. When I was in Skyclan, I was good friends with Cloudfur. She was nice. But she was quite a bit older than me, and became a warrior whe I became an apprentice. At gatherings when I moved to Windclan, I chatted with Cloudfur's sister, Moonstrike. We became best friends and couldn't wait to see each other at the gatherings. But I fell in love with a Riverclan cat named Copperclaw. He's handsome and a really good swimmer. He was amazed by me, too. I could tell. He starred at me and whenever we had to share a word, he tried to avoid looking at me and he stuttered when he talked. I know I've seen him stare in awe whenever he saw chasing a rabbit. That was across the border, of course. We don't break the code. Especailly since we were both deputies. Actually, Longstar is the Windclan leader. He's my grandfather, too. My dad, Cedarpelt, is so proud of the both of us. The only problem is that he was super proud when the medicine cat, Poppyshade, said I was pregnant. He didn't know I was pregnant with Copperclaw's kits. I slowly eased into talking to my brother, Branchnose about it. I could tell he had no interest caring for any more kits, since he already had some kits with his mate, Cherryleaf. Too add on to the stress, Longstar died right about when I gave birth. The clan decided who would fill in for me at the moment. Majority ruled, Amberclaw would act as leader for the time-being. I tried to tell Poppyshade I should choose my deputy right then and there, but she insisted I should rest. I was releaved when Poppyshade didn't recognize Copperclaw in Rootkit and Heatherkit. I still had Sunkit, too. Even though I loved my kits so very dearly and wanted to stay, I had to get Amberclaw out of his position. He was changing Windclan into a blood-thirsty battle clan. He's a cold cat. THough handsome and charming and strong he may be, he is cold and cares about no one but his own selfish needs. Some of Amerclaw's followers tried to stop me from becoming Skystar. I over-heard a cat even say I shouldn't be leader. "Her name is a disgrace to Windclan." I couldn't beleive it when that cat was Branchnose! Why is outraged when I found Amberclaw had gone to the Starpool already, "thinking Skyheart let him be leader" Such an excuse! Pathetic! I was outraged but Branchnose and other cats said I'd have to "wait my turn to become leader" Rootpaw, Heatherpaw and Sunpaw took my side, but it was n use. When Sunpaw died in a battle Amberstar caused against Shadowclan, I had almost lost hope. I talked to Copperclaw, now Copperstar one evening inside Riverclan's territory. I suggested me moving into Riverclan with Rootpaw and Heatherpaw. Copperstar told me to not loose hope. But if worst comes to worst, we would discuss. So I'm still living in Windclan, even plotting Amberstar's death. He has killed many cats, and it's time for him to move to the dark forest. I'm also praying with Starclan, wishing Cedarpelt will have a safe passage into Starclan from the battlefeild and for my mom, Ryestem, to join Cedarpelt when she dies from the elders den.
877 days ago
Hello, kittypets! My kits are apprentices, now. They are Nightpaw, Spotpaw, Rainpaw and Birdpaw. I love them so much!
1009 days ago
i got shadowstorm but im making up my own profile ok?! i am Spottedcloud my mate is firestar (hey i didnt choose) i have 4 kits Nightkit Spotkit Rainkit Birdkit. ok!?
1010 days ago
I'm not WIndClan I'm ThunderClan through and through!
1239 days ago
I got Nigtpaw, spotpaw, Rainpaw, and Birdpw, and my Name is Shadowstorm, from winclan, I CHOSE THUNDERCLAN!!! but it was a good quiz!
1419 days ago
I'm Hawkclaw the deputy of RiverClan
1642 days ago
Your name is Shadowstorm you have a black pelt and blue eyes your clan is windclan you are a warrior your mate is the riverclan deputy his name is cloverstep you have four kits nightpaw(she cat) spotpaw(tom) rainpaw(she cat) and birdpaw(tom)
Umm... I did choose Shadowpelt as my name. I don’t mind my appearance. I chose ThunderClan... I have had two mates, but both were warriors in my clan, plus I’m a tom so they were she-cats. I chose three kits, but that’s fine. This was a really, REALLY good quiz.
1661 days ago
I'm a White she-cat with dark orange tabby patches, I don't think I'll have anyone other than another Riverclan cat as my mate
1675 days ago
No! No one knows my actual true catself. I think that I am a brown and white she-cat with green eyes and 3 kits.