Warrior Cats Life Personality Quiz

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This quiz will tell you you're warrior name, pelt colour, clan, mate and kits and rank. I have excluded SkyClan (because I don't know much about it) so I apologise to all those SkyClan warriors hoped they would be sorted into Sky house. Sorry about the Harry Potter reference. Anyway, ready to find out your warrior life?

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    What would your preferred pelt colour be?

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1078 days ago
1351 days ago
ima actually be a tortishell she-cat with white around eyes, belly and tip of tail, still called Lilypetal
1352 days ago
ima tortioshell called Lilypetal xd cool WindClan... I WANTED RIVERCLAN!
1393 days ago
Nice. I got cottoncloud
1464 days ago
This was a fun quiz, great job.
1464 days ago
Copperclaw. You are the deputy of ShadowClan. You enjoy leading patrols and practising battle moves. You are a tough cat with CYOFC fur with tiger like stripes along it and you don’t allow many to see your soft and caring side, except your mate: Greenstem who is close to kitting which you look forward to and are nervous about as you know nothing about raising kits.
Interesting name, like the suffix, shows strength and authority. I’d have been fine as a warrior, but deputy’s good too. ShadowClan’s alright, but I prefer ThunderClan or SkyClan. It’s nice to see he’s dedicated to his clan. I’d have dark brown fur, I actually like the pattern. I like that I have a soft side, shows humanity, or, I guess, catity. I think I would have one kit, Shadekit/paw/breeze.