What would your life as a warrior cat be like? (she-cats)

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Find out what your life as a warrior cat would be like!

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    You just opened your eyes, and there's so much to do! What do you do first?

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700 days ago
I am a leader! I think that my cat is really cool and I love my name.
712 days ago
You are Redscar the Warrior. You are rusty brown with a cream-colored tail and have yellow eyes. You have a short temper and are a fighter at heart. You often shut out your feelings to Clanmates and friends.
952 days ago
Flickersar, black with blue eyes
963 days ago
40% Milkstem, deputy, blueish white she cat with pink eyes

40% flickerstar, leader, black she cat with blye eyes
1091 days ago
I liked it it was fun finding my warrior life
1106 days ago
I got Pouncefall. I am a red ginger she-cat with a right blue eye and left green eye. I dream of having kits in StarClan. I am playful. Hey. It says I don't listen to important details. I do though!
1246 days ago
Coooooooool thanks silver