Your Warrior Cat Life Story For She-Cats

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    You are a kit. You have gone out of the nursery, with your best friend, who is me. My name is Frostkit. We go out and see so many things. But which would you want to see first?
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    You and me are in the nursery. What now?
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    Me and you become apprentices. You and I love our names! Who would you want your mentor to be?

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    You and me go hunting without a mentor. We get split up. You see a shadow. What are you thinking?
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    You see a cat your age come out. It is a boy. He pounces on you and you shriek, he looks at you with wide eyes and says your name, "Goldenpaw?" He gets off of you and you ask, "Who are you? You are from RiverClan, and I am from ThunderClan. So why do you remember me?" He mews, "I am Foxpaw."
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    That night you could not stop thinking about what Foxpaw had said, "Your blood is half RiverClan! From your father." Would you believe Foxpaw?

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    You and me become warriors after a long time, and I am Froststorm. You are Goldenbeam. After a while, I started hanging out with someone else because I wanted more friends. Who would you find?
  • 8
    You see Foxpelt again. "Hello!" greets Foxpaw. "Hi." you mew back. Foxpaw shows you how to hunt fish in the river.
  • 9
    Foxpelt had been with you everyday at sunrise. You also saw his friend, Blackpelt. One day, you went to me, I was eating with two new friends. One spat, "Go away!" I just hid my face. The other hissed, "What are you doing?" You looked at me for defence, but I his my face more.
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918 days ago
this is the best quiz Ever! (see what I did there)
931 days ago
i died giving birth to my fifth litter then watched over my mate from Starclan...sad i love it
954 days ago
I died on my fifth litter :>
997 days ago
This is so cool! And This story is really nice!
1036 days ago
I love my results! It is cool and sad at the same time!
1040 days ago
It says I love Liondawn for me.
1044 days ago
In mine it says I love Foxpelt. I hope you enjoyed my quiz, tell me which one I should make next, and which one you got!