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How cliched is your Warriors OC?

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Take this quiz if you want to estimate how cliched your character is.

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    Do any of these statements apply to your OC?

    Your character is a she-cat who is quiet, clever, and a good hunter. She has a soft, feminine name.

    Your character is a tom who is outgoing, tough, and skilled in combat. He has a tough and/or masculine name.
  • 2
    Do any of these statements apply to your character?

    Your she-cat character is soft and motherly, and is the leader's mate.

    Your tom character loves fighting has a sweet, innocent mate.
  • 3
    Do any of these statements apply to your character?

    If your character is dark-furred, they are sly, a loner, depressed/otherwise mentally ill, or evil.

    If your character's fur is cool-colored (white, grey, blue-grey), they are calm, quiet, wise, and/or intelligent.

    If your character's fur is warm-colored (red, ginger, cream, blonde/golden, tortoiseshell/calico), they are hyper, bubbly, outgoing, and/or can be "brace but stupid".

    If character's fur is brown, they are an overall average cat and a minor character.

  • 4
    Do any of these statements apply to your character?

    Your character has a very tragic backstory.

    Your character receives a prophecy about them having powers and saving the Clan.

    In the fanfiction they are in, it starts out resembling Bluestar's Prophecy.
  • 5
    Do any of these statements apply to your character?

    Your character is a medicine cat with a forbidden mate.

    Your cat is an evil cat or the leader's mate.

    It was love at first sight with their mate.

    Their mate is from a different Clan.
  • 6
    Do any of these statements apply to your character?

    Your cat has never broken the warrior code, even if it is minor.

    Your cat has never committed homicide (murder) or had ever felt like doing so as a result of emotions.

    Your cat is "nice but can be mean".

    If your character is a she-cat, she really likes kits.

    If your cat is a Clan leader, they have never acted strict.

  • 7
    Do any of these apply to your character?

    If your character is a she-cat, she has long, soft, silky, or otherwise fine fur.

    If your character is a tom, his fur is long and sticks out in multiple directions.
  • 8
    Do any of these apply to your character?

    When roleplaying, you call your character a "smol bean" or "cinnamon roll".

    When roleplaying, you call your character a "t0l boi" or "biggie".

    If your character is a she-cat, she is very small.

    If your character is a tom, he is very large.
  • 9
    Do any of these apply to your character?

    Your character's eyes are a piercing icy blue, soft calming blue, bright sky-blue, or dark navy blue.

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    Are you getting tired of answering those?
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Comments (16)


103 days ago
My OC’s name is Breezeflame. She is a calico she-cat with dark blue eyes and has somewhat soft fur. She is very reckless, impulsive, cares deeply about the ones she is close to, introverted, feisty, and sassy. Other Clanmates (she’s a wc cat) tell her that she doesn’t really think.

She had three best friends as an app but after her med cat best friend Silverpetal got a message from StarClan telling her to fight rc, resulting in three wc cats dying, Silverpetal turned her back on StarClan, began training in the dark forest, and started mysteriously killing other cats. Breezeflame and her two other friends confronted Silverpetal, and ended up killing her on the gorge. She still has trauma about having to kill the cat she once thought was like her littermate.

Too Mary-Sue?
117 days ago
DO NOT STEAL!!!!! My oc’s called Snapfeather and she has long black fur, amber eyes and tail that got snapped due to an accident as a kit (she sneaked out of camp and tried to climb a tree but she fell and landed badly) however, she can still move her tail normally it just looks kind of strange and cats she’s never met before tend to stare at her tail. Her mate is Longwhisker and their kits are Smokeshade, Twigleaf and Patchstorm.
127 days ago
Also his mother is not rave breeze it’s ravenbreeze
127 days ago
More about featherbreeze is the breeze part of his name is after his mother rave breeze who died saving him from a WindClan warrior. Also he had a mate who was called pricklethorn who unfortunately died having his son, eaglekit who also dies after a couple of days. About a month later he finds a kit in a puddle of water with big claws marks on his back, and he brings the kit back to RiverClan and learns the kit must have been carried away by an eagle. Featherbreeze wonders if the kit was meant to be adopted by him, because an eagle took him. This is because eaglekit was his son. He would have adopted the kit anyway though. That night he is visited by eaglekit and pricklethorn and they tell him not to try and live in the past (he was still depressed about them dying) but not to forget what happened. He wakes up and feels better than he had in a long time. He calls the kit puddlekit because he found him in a puddle. Puddlekit becomes puddlestep, and he and featherbreeze have a really good father and son relationship.
127 days ago
my oc is a tom called featherbreeze and he has long, very soft and silky fur and golden eyes. He is kinda small and everyone (including himself) jokes about his long flowing tail being the fluffiest thing to exist. He loves catching birds, birds also putting the feathers of the birds he eats in his nest so he has a really nice nest. Yes that is important to his character. He’s great at hunting and climbing trees even though he’s in Riverclan. Also he adopts an orphaned kit.
236 days ago
I got non-cliche
561 days ago
Update: I changed the blue leaf to a broken shell because, well, the first omen made no sense:)
670 days ago
Hiddensight's Path is sorta like Blustar's Prophecy but I still like it.
670 days ago
The places where their are emojis I just said I.D.I.O.T. Is that a swear now? J.E.E.Z.
670 days ago
Yay! Hiddensight is not a cliched character! Ok, here he is:
Hiddensight is a tiny (he always felt bad about being smaller than his sisters,) sleek black tom with pale green eyes who was a med cat but died a kittypet. His story is that he was so tiny that his mom (Sleekwater) could barely see him and named him Hiddenkit. He desparatly wanted to be a good warrior but was constantly bullied for being small and clumsy. He is then apprenticed to Amberpelt, the cat who bullied him, and she works him SO hard. He interprets a blue leaf on a tree as a sign that Shellnose (his father) would die soon in battle. He tells Shellnose this but Shellnose is an 💋 and Hiddenpaw is shy. Guess what? 💋 dad dies. Sleekwater moves on to quickly with a new mate and disowns Hiddenpaw's sister, Havenpaw, after a fight about it. Hiddenpaw becomes a medicine cat apprentice and realises how hard it is. Hiddenpaw's other sister, Willowtail dies, and Hiddenpaw blames himself for it and tries to become a warrior again. He spends more time focusing on his crush, Leapwave, and when she dies suddenly he goes back to being a medicine cat. Because of his switching back and forth he is an apprentice for 2 WHOLE YEARS! After he becomes Hiddensight, he saves a young apprentice named Splashpaw, who had been mauled by a badger's life, he decides that he made the right choice. Then, delivers Mothkit and Heartkit into the world. After they become warriors, he takes them on a quest to Twolegplace where he abandons them suddenly and goes off to become a kittypet, where he dies. He is very happy because, even though he died in a vet's office, he still went to my version of StarClan, where he lives with his sisters Willowtail and Havenstar. He was last seen giving Mothstar her 6th life. His story was eventually meant to be a novella but turned into a Super Edition. My novella's are Sleekwater's Love and Splashdawn's Spirit. Hiddensight's book is called Hiddensight's path. Mothstar out!
696 days ago
Okay, so mine's borderline...? :/ I'm not sure how correct that is.
709 days ago
This quiz said my character is close to be regular. But not quite there. The main thing up with my character is that "StarClan always wished her to be a warrior, but when she chose to be a Med. cat StarClan hated her and wanted her dead. She's to be honest a not so talented Med. cat but tries her best. (Name is Springbloom.)
751 days ago
Woah... so like, I never expected this to get so many takes when I first created this, lol. Also keep in mind that this was made in 2018, so Warriors character stereotypes were different than they are now.
979 days ago
My OC isn't clićhe, according to this quiz. That didn't exactly surprise me, as I have spent a while working on this character. His name is Tornadofur by the way
1164 days ago
I got good oc, just on the borderline of clićhe. I can keep it if I wish is what it said
1258 days ago
My oc is kinda cliche lol
What did u guys get?