Warrior Cat OC Generator!

Hello there, Warrior Cat fans! I’m your quiz creator, Stary. Today I’m going to be creating your OCs. I assume you're here because you want one!:-) Find out which cat you are right meow! Let’s get started straightaway! Hope you like your OC!

  • 1
    Which is your favourite season?
    Which is your favourite season?
  • 2
    Pick a colour...
  • 3
    If a badger threatened, what would you do?

  • 4
    Which personality is your cat?
  • 5
    Which prey is your favourite?
  • 6
    Which positive trait best describes your cat?

  • 7
    Which negative trait best describes your cat?
  • 8
    Do you love cats?
  • 9
    Which kind of patrol would you prefer?
  • 10
    An elder, a kit and your mate are all drowning. You can't help them all - which do you save?

  • 11
    Choose a number between 1 and 5.
  • 12
    During which season is your birthday?

Comments (187)


I like this name, kind of. I was hoping for a different one but i guess this ones fine
8 days ago
I got snowdip! I was going for an evil theme, so I guess she’s evil?
12 days ago
Honeyfall and Boulderfall are better names, but I guess I'll settle with this one ;-;
38 days ago
Or whatever it is
cant remember ;-;"
38 days ago
I got BoulderFall ;w;
39 days ago
You are Honeyfall! A small, pale ginger cat! Such pretty-looking fur, tho! X3 Any cat would be lucky to have what YOU have going on! Like everyone else
40 days ago
For all of you who got Boulderspring or Honeyfall... I got Fawncliff-
49 days ago
I got Honey'fall and I use her on all my warrior Cat OCs on roblox even though this thing is probably a scam the creator of this is probably working on more OCs.
50 days ago
Everyone is getting either Honeyfall or Boulderspring. My OC is Joltstorm of ThunderClan. Why are there only TWO options for this?!
52 days ago
Too many people are getting Honeyfall. Like 80% of the comments...
52 days ago
I see many have gotten this answer...Hmmm...
53 days ago
I only am getting Honeyfall and Boulderspring
57 days ago
why am I just like getting a honeyfall and Boulders print?! I,d rather be a Jay,spring
60 days ago
honeyfall XD

and pretty too
63 days ago
i gotten honey fall and i do not look pretty XD
63 days ago
uhhh i got HoneyFall- yea thats not me, sorry :b
68 days ago
Seriously? I am NOT a Honeyfall! I am Silent Shadow, leader of The Hunt. I get revenge on anycat who has ever wronged me.` I have to power to decide my own destiny and change other's for them! I am the most powerful cat in the forest!
71 days ago
what color eyes dose blouderspring have??
73 days ago
Woo! Honeyfalll!
73 days ago
swag, i got boulderspring !!