Warrior Cat OC Generator!😼

Hello there, Warrior Cat fans! I’m your quiz creator, Stary. Today I’m going to be creating your OCs with this Warrior Cats OC maker! I assume you're here because you want one!:-) Find out which cat you are right meow! Let’s get started with this Warrior Cat generator straightaway! Hope you like your OC character!

  • 1
    Which is your favourite season?
    Which is your favourite season?
  • 2
    Pick a colour...
  • 3
    If a badger threatened, what would you do?

  • 4
    Which personality is your cat?
  • 5
    Which prey is your favourite?
  • 6
    Which positive trait best describes your cat?

  • 7
    Which negative trait best describes your cat?
  • 8
    Do you love cats?
    (If not: Why are doing this Warriors OC generator?)
  • 9
    Which kind of patrol would you prefer?
  • 10
    An elder, a kit and your mate are all drowning. You can't help them all - which do you save?

  • 11
    Choose a number between 1 and 5.
  • 12
    During which season is your birthday?

Comments (225)


I got FawnnCliff lol
3 days ago
Does it seem like everyone is getting HoneyFall?
13 days ago
I got honey fall so cute :3
18 days ago
I might always get boulderspring and HoneyFall
33 days ago
Im boulderspring- Didn't expect that xd 😃✋
34 days ago
I love warrior cats! It’s also a game on roblox
36 days ago
I got buolder spring too :P
48 days ago
If I was in warriors I will be lead of rc and I'm a she cat. Lol
53 days ago
Also I didn’t change the name of the characters just my name in chat so I have something different
53 days ago
Kind of a coincidence but my hair is ginger sooo
53 days ago
I got honeyfall but too many people have that so I swapped honey out for holly lol
54 days ago
Boulderspring! A large, dark grey tabby cat! A fine specimen of a feline if ever there were one. How wonderful to be such a lovely kitty!
54 days ago
Everyone seems to be getting boulder'spring. (Don't worry, I got them too)
55 days ago
Lol I Got Boulderspring!
56 days ago
I got boulder'spring, A large, dark grey tabby.
81 days ago
I got Honeyfall! Apparently it is a popular one. Oh well, I'm still happy with it. ;)
99 days ago
I Got Bolderspring- A Dark Silver Tabby Who Loves Fighting And Is An Aloof
99 days ago
I Got Bolderspring- A Dark Silver Tabby
115 days ago
I got Honeyfall, lol
124 days ago
Get the Juniper Berries Rustpaw! No thats not even berries, are you blind?!