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137 days ago
Violetpaw. You are the medicine cat apprentice of GorgeClan. You are a helpful and compassionate she-cat with a grey/blue pelt and purple eyes. You’re mentor is Owlscar, an old and trusted medicine cat.
610 days ago
I got 30% of three profiles lol! Im Robincall and Blizzardhop (Robincalls mate so im mate to myself XD) and Violetpaw!
622 days ago
Robincall. I was hoping for leader but deputy is good.
642 days ago
Robincall. You are the deputy of MistClan. You are a strict yet protective she-cat with a fluffy dark ginger tabby pelt and amber eyes. You’re mate is Blizzardhop and are expecting his kits.
687 days ago
I got Robincall too!
688 days ago
Ooh I got Robincall just like Mothstar and Mistymoon I like it:)
761 days ago
For 40% you are: Eggpatch. You are a senior warrior of EmberClan, who were chased out and no longer believe in StarClan. You are a loyal and careful gib with a white-and-brown pelt and hazel eyes. You were taken and neutered by two-legs but you returned.